Pokemon Black & White : Five Levels Pokemon Must Gain to Evolve

Ryan Hauser writes, "Like the franchise's adorable little critters, the Pokemon series has evolved with each game – but at a much slower pace than one would hope. For a series that is over 10 years old, it seems as if each release brings minimal changes at best. Nintendo has managed to cram in more Pokemon with every new title but has done nothing to revamp and innovate this popular franchise."

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Otheros002996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Next pokemon game: It takes OVER 9000 exp to level up to lv2!!

BasilMarceaux2996d ago

My nephew loves these pokeymans, my favorite critter is that mouse that makes electric bolts. if obama was as agood a presidant he wouldve made cars that run on electric mice but hes too busy taxin my tobacco like a jerk!

nickjkl2996d ago

they should get rid of the leveling system make it a surprise depeding on the determination of the pokemon relative to exp gain

ITLoo2995d ago

I still can't keep track of all these new pokemon. I miss the original 150 (not counting Mew).