I'm Scared to Play Halo: Reach

A gamer ponders what is possibly the scariest part of any good game: getting addicted to it.

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illegalyouth3023d ago

I've never understood the draw of Halo games. I feel far better first-person shooters are available on PC.

Sadie21003023d ago

I think if you're not a PC gamer, though, that Halo's amongst the best on consoles. But yeah, I can imagine most PC FPS players wouldn't get into Halo. It's a very different feel.

ASSASSYN 36o3023d ago

Same draw that other games have. Great dynamic story, solid game play, and well developed characters.

ColManischewitz3023d ago

I can understand being worried about getting sucked into a game. I'm worried that Civilization V is going to have the same effect on me.

MasterD9193023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

This game is full of content that most FPS's haven't even touched.

3023d ago