GameSpot: Kung Fu Rider Review

Kung Fu Rider is a poor showcase for Sony's latest peripheral. Even if all of the other issues weren't enough to steer you away from Kung Fu Rider, there is one final nail in the coffin: its price point. Because of its wacky premise and novel control scheme, it would be conceivable to take a flier on it as a $10 downloadable game. But this actually retails for $40, and there isn't nearly enough content to justify that price. With only a few different variations on the basic track designs, you can plow through the whole game in just a few hours, and there isn't much reason to return. But that's a moot point anyway; the significant problems in Kung Fu Rider don't make it worth playing at any price.

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catch2972d ago

No surprise here.

I am stoked for the move but this game looked like a bad idea from day one.

guitarded772972d ago

It's unanimous... Kung Fu Rider is a turd :( Oh well Sorcery and The Fight looks interesting.

happyface2972d ago

Why is Sony letting sites review these games so early??

It makes no sense, they had to know these kind of reviews were coming

saint_john_paul_ii2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

because the embargo is over and sony is allowing it.

this is good to see reviews like this. this will push for better move games. I really dont see why this game was released in the first place. i have a feeling that the Fight:Lights out will have the same outcome.

uxo222972d ago

Move's launch titles (the one designed from ground up for Move) aren't fairing too well in the reviews. It this what people mean when that say shovelware?

PandemicPrawn02972d ago

The gameplay shown in this video reminds me of that river rafting mini game in Kinect Adventures.

This also looks really bad.

Close_Second2972d ago

...Why did Sony even let this get released now. I would have thought they wanted to make the right impression for Move and not put people off.

Apart from the Table Tennis I can't see any reason to buy Move right now. where is the killer app that's been built from the bottom up just for Move????

big_silky2972d ago

I think Close meant a killer game that can only be played with Move, not games where you really don't need it.

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The story is too old to be commented.