Video | iWatch: PlayStation Move Vs Light

iWaggle3D: Many people wonder about how the PlayStation Move performs under different light conditions. Coming from the EyeToy experience of old, this is quite understandable. But the PlayStation Move is different.

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jack_burt0n2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

OH that was so funny,..... LMAO

Great video so so funny. :)

<supernova lmao>

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I wonder, who will have a light like that behind or in front?

Maybe the members of TQCast, they will complain again.

By the way, you can see the PS Eye have a good technology to reduce the Brightness in calibrating mode to detect Move.

Intelligent Camera.

inveni02998d ago

That was actually a great example of how good the tracking is no matter what your situation is. Very cool.

jack_burt0n2998d ago

its just his voice is so serious, and then suddenly switches to mgs4 and the supernova comment great stuff.

he gets my vote for italian Kevin Butler.

Rainstorm812998d ago

"As my sunglasses liquify over my face...."


Death24942998d ago

That was some very nice debunking right there. I guess people are going to have to try and find something else to discredit PS Move. I already have mines preordered so just waiting on the launch day.

a08andan2998d ago

Apparently the only person who can't use this is Dr. Octo-somehting- from Spiderman. He has a portable sun.

callahan092998d ago

Great video. That guy is funny, and it is really impressive how the Move can adjust to extreme lighting conditions.

boodybandit2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Move is amazing technology and the guy in this video is a riot!
"Super nova"
"my sunglasses liquefy over my face"

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metsgaming2998d ago

good to know, great videos keep em coming !

hunter212998d ago

lol interesting experiment and quite funny

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The story is too old to be commented.