Stuff- Preview: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect

After checking out the Move in July I was keen to see how Kinect stacked up. I was worried about reports of significant lag in picking up player movements but in my limited tests this week, lag was non-existent.

Adam Pollington, Xbox category manager for Microsoft Australia, said there would be 15-20 Kinect titles available on launch day. I briefly sampled six of them:

Dance Central

Think Dance Dance Revolution at the video game arcade except without the annoying arrow pads. The makers of Guitar Hero have come up with what is sure to be a new hit.

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PandemicPrawn03022d ago

I didn’t realize that Kinect adventures had 20 mini games.

Not a bad variety. I wonder why we have only seen the breakout, mine cart and river rafting games?

I really want to see if any of this stuff has been improved on since E3.

Bigpappy3022d ago

This reviewer seems to love Kinect. He does not sound like he is much of a core gamer though. I am a core gamer who plays Halo, gear, Red Dead, and so on. I am very interested in Kinect. This is not a fanboy 360 vs PS3 thing for me. Move is interesting to for differnt reasons. Kinect is a novelty to me, that I just have to try. I want to do the dashboard thing, the skating, Dancing, boxing, volleyball, work out, ... Pretty much most of what has been shown. I don't mind the negative stuff, I see where I can have a blast with it. As a family guy, this is perfect for the Holidays, where everyone young and old can just jump in. I have family who still have not touched the wii, but I am sure they will get into this.