Play Halo: Reach with Linkin Park Legendary band Linkin Park will celebrate the release of their new album A Thousand Suns by playing Xbox LIVE® Gold members in Halo®: Reach. If you're a Gold Member (if you're not a Member, upgrade now!) join us Tuesday, September 21, starting at 7:00 P.M. ET and meet the band.

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Motorola3022d ago

Shouldnt they be playing Medal Of Honor? And yeah I expected a xbox game. That linkin park guy at gamescom was terrible at MOH on PS3...

Gam3s4lif33021d ago

TBH the ps3 controller is inferior to the xbox controller imo

Motorola3021d ago

Eh its personal preference.

Anime-Vixen3022d ago

Lincoln park? You should of hired Justin Bieber. Now I would buy an xbox 360 in a heartbeat if that happened!

playstation_clan3022d ago

just you, only you. Justin bieber is the worst thing to happen to music since boy bands, anyone agree?

punkpop1013022d ago

Don't agree at all.Because most boybands can sing and Bieber doesn't.

The BS Police3021d ago

More like the worst thing since Lady Ga Ga.

lociefer3022d ago

something tells me ur 12 years old

FantasyStar3022d ago

I don't listen to his music since I prefer different kinds, but there's nothing wrong with the kid in any way.

Garrus_Vakarian3022d ago

I hope all N4Gers can agree that Justin Bieber needs to disappear.


Skizelli3022d ago

Could say the same about 90% of the people on this site.

DelbertGrady3022d ago

Justin Bieber is more metal than Linkin Park.

Eiffel3021d ago

First Nickelback, now Bieber? Thanks Canada..

big_silky3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Craaaaawliiing in my skiiiiin....

No thanks.

TheIneffableBob3022d ago

That song in the Medal of Honor trailer was sooooooo bad.

Si-Fly3022d ago

They needed a band that would appeal to Reach's target spotty faced audience ... I think they got it spot on.

Skizelli3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I'm almost 30, have a clear complexion, love Halo, and I'm not into Linkin Park, which means you're a liar.

Si-Fly3022d ago

There's always exceptions, some people take longer to mature than others. Downside is you're still playing Halo at 30 but looking on the brightside you no longer have spots!

Skizelli3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

So I'm immature for enjoying a game with friends that requires skill? Really? You do realize the average gamer is in their 30s, right?

While you keep reaching, I'll be playing Reach and having fun. I don't know about you, but that's why I play games.

RH063021d ago

So are you on here to complain about Reach or Linkin Park? Seems like both, if your not into games when "You" grow up I guess you need to delete you user...I'm 28 and have had lots of fun gaming since the Atari and NES. Maybe your too cool for eveyone else..?..

Si-Fly3021d ago

... Like I said, there will be exceptions! Microsofts marketing team simply chose a band that would appeal to a large proportion of the kids that play Halo.

Skizelli3021d ago

That's speculation. I hardly think the fans had anything to do with the choice of music, seeing as many games that use real music for whatever reason have a poor selection. It's about advertising, nothing more.

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The story is too old to be commented.