Halo Reach and the Human Condition

It’s through Bungie’s brilliance that we’re able to fear enemies that we’ve been fighting for years, creating enough tension and leading up to big battles that are reminiscent of Hollywood action blockbusters. There is an eerie element of horror as the world is surveyed and searched, a fear not otherwise experienced in previous Halo games. If Bungie wanted us to appreciate the severity of the battle that’s taking place on Reach, they seem to have achieved that with flying colours.

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CatGlue2940d ago

The past 2 halo games really sucked, and hopefully this one really does the series justice.

btw, gravity hammer rules!

SixZeroFour2940d ago

energy sword > gravity hammer
elites > brutes

Gaetano2940d ago

Past 2 as in ODST and Halo Wars? Or ODST and Halo 3?

ICC_062940d ago

ODST was ok, but not full retail and Halo Wars wasn't really for traditional Halo fans. Hopefully Reach brings it back.

SixZeroFour2940d ago

for someone that hasnt bought all the halo map packs dlc (like myself), odst was a great buy and loved the story anyways...didnt buy halo wars cause im not a good rts player but like the cinematics

CatGlue2940d ago

PM me your Tag, I wanna gravity hammer

kk13872940d ago

Hopefully this puts some spice back into the series... looking forward to it.

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