Microsoft's Kinect launch laughs at sweaty gamers

AtomicMPC (Australia):

Microsoft hosted two launch events over the last couple of days for the upcoming Kinect motion sensor add-on for the Xbox 360. Oddly, Atomic was invited to the lifestyle and consumer launch, which was... odd, to say the least. However, it did open a terrifying window on how a gaming giant presents its business to the rest of the consumer landscape.

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jack_burt0n3022d ago

"Gaming's not just for sweaty thirty year olds in Metallica t-shirts," quipped Microsoft's regional entertainment tzar at yesterday's lifestyle event. The audience of fashion editors and lifestyle doyens yukked it up appreciatively, but we couldn't believe our ears. That's it? That's what you're reducing a huge percentage of your audience to now - a one-liner gag to make the cheap-seats feel it's okay to waddle about in front of their television sets?"

LOL great article I remember Nintendo before the wii launch

"We want to get as far away from the, "lonely male gamers", people that spend hours sitting alone playing a game. We dont want to be associated with these social outcast gamers anymore."

Love you too nintendo. /SARCASM

rroded3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

seriously they do
sure they may think your a failure at life n may have ditched ya for the more upclass casual market.
but at least they charged ya an extra 10$ ta play their second rate online service.

120FPS3022d ago

Retard - Live is not a second rate service

MisterNiwa3022d ago

Well that was what the Nintendo President back then said, then Satoru Iwata came and ruled.

uxo223022d ago

Just another blah blah, BS article that is simply pointless to say the least.

Rainstorm813022d ago

MS wants casual dollars.....period

First they wanted to be the gamers choice by trying to duplicate the PS2 success by getting alot of PS2 titles.

Now its time to emulate the Wii....

Note to Microsoft: once you abandon the Hardcore gamers your console future will be in doubt.

mcstorm3022d ago

This maybe true but they pulled the first one off so why cant the pull this one off.

Lets face it you may love or hate MS being in the games market but because of the money power they have they are pushing Sony and Nintendo all the way with there consoles and on line so it is good to have them in the mix as the ps3 would not be what it is today if it was not for the 360.

Rainstorm813022d ago

i agree i know many 360 gamers that have 360s just for the XBL service.

Xbox Live is thier ace in the hole, but the hardcore gamers are the ones that fuel xbl's success. If MS exes keep turning thier back on the real core audience (F U Kudo) in public, it wont turn out good.

Sony's "Get two jobs just to get a ps3" comment still haunts them.

Luckly they are making up for it by catering to the core audience more than any other console company.

They pulled it off but at what cost?? just to get multiplats of games not considered to be the best of thier respective series (DMC, RE5, GTA4, FF13....etc) meanwhile losing most of the companies' exclusive support that made the xbox360 a viable console. (Epic, Bioware, Bungie)

Only time will tell.

mcstorm3022d ago

I agree with your comments but I think MS have some thing for the hard core next year but because they are trying to make Kinect for every one they are not confusing it with the big names like Halo and Forza at the beginning to attract the new audience and with reach MoH BlackOPS Fifa Fable 3 Rock Band ect coming out before the end of the year this will keep the core 360 owners happy until the beginning of next year when they will start to show off the exclusives again on the 360.

I don't think any users look at this this way because they want everything now but I think selling kinect this way at the end of the year will make it a success where I think they way sony are selling Move by mixing it up with the hard core will not bring many new users to the PS3.

goldensfree3022d ago

ta ya ms....

can we go back to the days of the original xbox??? pls think bout it for your next console k

Sarcasm3022d ago

It's funny how those sweaty thirty year olds in Metallica t-shirt are probably the majority that will pay the extra $10 for XBL.

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Bigpappy3022d ago

I refuse to approve this only because it has zero information.

lokiroo4203022d ago

Probably why it is listed as an opinion piece.

kasasensei3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Still on the defensive?
Why do you take it personally?
Your life depends on the sales or what?
Amazing how certain people like you are on the denial....

DelbertGrady3022d ago

It's bashing MS & Kinect and is therefore extremely well-written and informative.

kasasensei3022d ago

No surprise here. Microsoft don't know what they are doing...

Chris_TC3022d ago

They're opening themselves up to a new demographic and tell that audience what they want to hear.
That's marketing 101, and any "hardcore" gamer who takes offense in what was said is either oblivious to how the economic world works or is themselves one of the sweaty basement dwellers.

kasasensei3022d ago

The "new demographic" and the "audience" you are talking about are buying Wii for about 4 years now. Don't you think it (73M) represents a tiny shard in kinect's foot?
And you think this same audience will pay to play online too?
Obviously, you overestimate the potential of kinect and the power of the 360 to bring all the casuals to it and make them pay more than ever.
If you really think kinect will sale well, please explain why. I am curious to know why you feel so confident in that product. :)

Qui-Gon Jim3022d ago

Because they don't care about playing online. If they did, they would already have an XBox 360 or a PS3 instead of a Wii.

Chris_TC3022d ago

Where did I say that the Wii is not a shard in Kinect's foot?
Where did I say that the audience will pay for online?
Where did I say anything about the potential of Kinect or the power of the 360?
Where did I say that the Kinect will sell well?
Where did I say that I feel confident in the product?

You fanboy kiddies really need to stop thinking in black and white, making immediate assumptions. I merely explained Microsoft's reasoning behind the marketing.
I don't care how well this thing sells. I'd never use it myself anyway because I'm not interested in consoles.

kasasensei3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Well Chris, obviously, when you say "they tell that audience what they want to hear", you agree with their/that statement, you think they propose something that the majority of gamers wants.
So i can deduct from that you are confident in the product, the sales, the potential and everything around it... You think Microsoft's marketing will touch the heart of the gamer crowd... cause, You obviously know how the world works better than any of us here.
We all know Microsoft knows how to hype any product, no doubt about that, but here, the product is a "total overpriced garbage", no able to do 50% of what it was supposed to be at the beginning. So even if you are confident in Microsoft's marketing, there is still a high possibility for this device to fail.
And for this reason, i can not agree with you and stay more confident to my point of view, they don't know what they are doing right now.

Chris_TC3022d ago

<<So i can deduct from that you are confident in the product, the sales, the potential and everything around it...>>
You cannot deduct that because it's not true.
From a technological standpoint I'm interested in the motion capture technology used by the system. But I think it's glitchy, and the current implementation will lead to boring games.

Or rather, games which are boring to me. There is a huge crowd out there who will love this thing. Wii is just about the last piece of entertainment technology I'd ever touch, and yet the world is crazy about it.

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Alos883022d ago

Fuck you Microsoft, this was a disgusting display and you should be ashamed. Whatever happened to "We won't forget about the hardcore"? It's not even that which I take issue with- it's that you are blatantly insulting the people who have kept you in the industry to this point.
You've just lost a Kinect sale.

Obama3022d ago

When they said they won't forget the hardcore, they really meant the hardcore fanboys. Don't worry MS, the hardcore 360 fans won't forget you either even if you disappoint once again.

kerrak3022d ago

I'm 40, i don't have metallica t-shirts, i've been gaming for 30 years, all genres all platforms. I consider myself a hardcore gamer because i love games.
I won't buy Kinect.

Studio-YaMi3022d ago

just won the internet LOL
good for you man !

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