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Presentation shortcomings aside, Sports Champions is undoubtedly one of the strongest launch offerings for the PlayStation Move hardware. This isn't a game that you're likely to play solo for any serious amount of time, but it's certainly one that you'll keep coming back to in short bursts and anytime you have interested friends or relatives visiting.

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KratosGirI2996d ago

I might get this game once I get a 2nd Move controller.

happyface2996d ago

Sony shouldn't have let these websites review these games so early, they should have tried to keep the reviews under wraps as long as possible to prevent this kind of damage before release of MOVE

scruffy_bear2996d ago

@happyface can I have some of what your somking

saint_john_paul_ii2996d ago

no. keep em coming. if you thought this game was going to be AAA, then you need to get your head checked. this is a AA game. we all expected it to be.

we all knew that this compilation of 6 mini-games was to promote the strengths of the Move, not to be the best game ever.

deadreckoning6662996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Damage? Since when is a 7.5 a bad score? And why in the hell would people who are planning on buying Move all of a sudden not buy it because a couple of critics(random people which may have different tastes than you do) say that a couple Move games are less than perfect?

Besides, who was buying Move to play Sports Champions? Most informed gamers would just buy the Move controller and PS Eye for 80 something bux on Amazon and save the $20 you would have spent on Sports Champions if u bought the Move bundle.

jazzking20012996d ago

7.5 is a average score not bad thou

Moonboots2996d ago

Yeah 7.5 is about what I expect for these motion controller launch games. But wait until KZ3 and Socom start using it and then the next wave of Move games hit's. They are going to keep getting better.

I expect the Kinect launch titles to be even more harshly reviewed especially if there is a bunch of lag or non-responsive controls. They are going to bury the device in low scores if they don't have optimal experiences. But again, the second wave of games should be better.

wsoutlaw872996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

This is exactly what it was trying to be; a great game for competitive casual experiance showing off how good the move is. He didnt say a bad thing about how it worked, just that it wasnt a very deep single player game. I dont think anyone expected it to be. 7.5/10 as a full game. 10/10 at what it was trying to be.

and possibly worth the 20 extra dollars for the bundles

bakasora2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

decent huh

raztad2996d ago

Wait a minute.

Was happyface expecting Sport Champion to be a 9/10 game? UC2 caliber experience? LMAO.

mac_sparrow2996d ago

Yeah, the kind of 75% review score that lots of games would be happy with for a motion only collection of sports mini games.

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Anorexorcist2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Socom 4, and then Killzone 3.

Everything else is frosting on top of the cake.

BTW...I love Cake.

guitarded772996d ago

I agree... cake is delicious.

Chapulin2996d ago

gonna get two move controllers.

scruffy_bear2996d ago

Got two order myself looking forward to playing RE 5 with the move

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saint_seya2996d ago

ima get 2 moves, a navy controller, and sport champions on day 1 (day 1 here in arg, so it will be like 2 weeks later, but it will be day 1 for me :P )

saint_seya2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

dunno why i got disgrees?, only told what i think to buy. some guys in here just spam ramdom agrees/disagrees i think...

tiamat52996d ago

These reviews sound more plausible then the 3s and 5s some people are giving it. I didn't exactly expect UC2 scores from games like this. Average is good enough for now. We still have more to come.

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