Competition in the Gaming Industry: The Stakes Are Higher Now

With the release of Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect looming on the horizon, it’s worth looking at the history of competition within the industry to see the potential impact the two devices may have.

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Poseidon3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

its online competition

its high definition competition

its console competition

its controller competition

now its motion control competition

- Ghost of Sparta -3026d ago

Now that Microsoft has given up on hardcore gaming, it's between Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft doesn't have anything left, just shovelware for Kinect.

KiLLUMiNATi_893026d ago

Ps3 is the best I agree. I love the competition tho cause they push eachother. But don't take away the great nintendo has done for years and MS introducing us to a better way to game online with LIVE. I think all 3 have there ups and downs, nothing is perfect in this world.

smoothdude3026d ago

My understanding is "Core" gamers didn't want motion controls, and from what I am reading in forums, they are not going to be racing to the store to pick up these motion controls.

Sony may pick up some "core" gamers as they are making games like killzone 3 compatible with move, however, what is microsoft thinking with Kinect? Who are they targeting? I believe the most attractive feature of Wii is that it is cheap and comes with motion controls.

I am going to wait to see what what is released for PS3 to decide if I am going to spend over $100 for something I can do on a Wii.

rezzah3026d ago

Oh no! its gona be WW3 D=

lastdual3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It's a big market with a lot of people spending a lot of money. We may like to argue over who is "winning" the console war (or at least some of us do...), but the fact is that a company can survive just fine even if they don't hold a majority of the market share. You can "lose" and still make a nice profit (ex: just because the DS sells more than the PSP doesn't mean that the PSP isn't profitable).

For instance, Google may hold 70% of the market share for all internet searches, but even just 1% of that pie is a crapload of money, and I sure wouldn't mind making it.

It seems that only in gaming circles are customers so religiously passionate about their favorite giant corporations dominating the others...

scruffy_bear3026d ago

Who's winning the Console War, we are the gamers there so many brilliant games out there who care who's winning what when we have such choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.