New PSP Firmware Due Out Next Month

According to a posting on the official PlayStation Asia site, a new firmware upgrade for the PSP is due out next month. The update will fix an issue with Japanese PSone title Bio Hazard Director's Cut.

Since the firmware is coming out in September - it's a good chance that PSP-2000 (PSP Slim) models will come preloaded with this firmware.

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Marceles3810d ago

"The update will fix an issue with Japanese PSone title Bio Hazard Director’s Cut"

uh, o..k....hope they add some good stuff for the North America PSPs

s8anicslayer3810d ago

thats cool but any word on what the next psn store update will have?

ALIEN3810d ago

I think HOME will be on the next PS3 firmware.

TriggerHappy3810d ago

Don't get your hopes up, you remember what happened with psp firmware 3.0 ? everyone thought that was the firmware update that was going to make or break the PSP, with all the rumored features been implemented inclding, Skype functionality and so on.

The next firmware update will come when is ready and home will come in the designated firmware. period.

djt233810d ago

it just a rumor if they was going to release sony will haype it up

djt233810d ago

nice update are very good sometime

RH063810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I wish they would do something with an international ticket or coupon so I can download more than just demo's on my JPN account!


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