Killzone 3 is Looking Like The 2011 Graphics King by Far

TQcast: Look around, no other game can top Killzone 3′s impressive graphics thus far. Recent images and videos clearly show Killzone 3 taking gaming graphics to a whole new level. Not even Crysis 2 can match Killzone 3. Are we looking at the 2011 Graphics King?

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Chupa-Chupa3024d ago

Looking at the images, man...this game looks incredible.

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theafroman3024d ago

i think rage crysis can give it a good ass run for its money or win

BrianG3024d ago

Agreed, Crysis looks pretty good so far, but Rage is too bland for me. It has B E A utiful environments, but I'm just not feeling the game on a whole.

Hellsvacancy3024d ago

I shall buy Rage day 1 but i agree its shouldnt b compared with Crysis and KillZone, Rage looks too much like BorderLands, has that cartoon look about it, doesnt bother me i shall still buy it

A Cupcake for Gabe3024d ago

I think crysis 2 on pc looks amazing. But killzone 3 has such a more immersive action experience. But the console versions of rage and crysis 2 don't compare the phenomenon that is what geurilla created

ThanatosDMC3024d ago

Have you seen how crappy those Rage videos have been?

Pistolero3024d ago

wtf?...are you blind?... Rage looks amazing and so far looks better than what i have seen of Killzone 3....but i will wait to pass final judgement...i still want to see the jungle level they talked about in killzone 3....all i know is that the multiplayer footage they showed of killzone 3 did not look very good to me...the artic level looked a lot better but i still think Rage looks better.

swinesucker3023d ago

Seriously, GIVE IT UP! Rage is a 60 fps game nobody even knows if it going to do 720p for christ let alone even come close to what KZ3 is doing. God, you people are fucking idiots. No 60fps game has even come CLOSE to U2. GT5 is the ONLY contender.

KongRudi3024d ago

Rage is planned for release in 2012, I think.

jy_mrnd3023d ago

Crysis 2 does win on PC! Can't wait day one buy for me!

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KratosGirI3024d ago

Unless something else comes and swoops the title.

But in the end, it looks mighty FINE!