PlayStation Move – now with ‘Supplies will be Limited’? The wife dragged me up to the mall earlier for a fun filled afternoon of holding her purse and chasing the kid. As a reward, I got a few minutes in the local EB Games (Gamestop). I went ahead and cancelled a couple of pre-orders I had and put Sports Champions and the Navigation controller on pre-order.

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JBroken3022d ago

Please tell me you do not honestly believe that. Even Sony themselves said they did not expect demand at 1st and will rely on word of mouth, the pre-orders support that train of thought. We really need to abandon this defensive culture we have over our consoles. It's unhealthy and creepy

Anorexorcist3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Hardcore gamers have clearly shown their preference for PlayStation Move overwhelmingly throughout most internet media sources.

If single-mothers become the majority in gaming sales demographics, then current Playstation Move sales preferences will be seen as substandard.

Montoya3022d ago

I don`t know how you got "It's unhealthy and creepy" from him saying "To much demand."

THATs kinda unhealth and creepy if you ask me.

Also, (no offense ALFAxD_CENTAURO) How do he LOOK like an intelligent guy? Just curious.

rdgneoz33022d ago

@Montoya Oviously he knows Alfaxd looks intelligent because he's watching him through the window, which is both "unhealthy and creepy" :P

As for supplies, I know some stores near where I live basically get supplies to cover preorders and then a bit extra, unless its a big title. So if a bunch of people don't preorder and come in, they might not always have enough.

jack_burt0n3022d ago

I reckon ppl underestimate the fact its cheap, it wont shift huge numbers of new consoles but it will show them there is def demand for it.

Its nice to have a machine that does the best games available and does casual, different stuff 2. Playstation gamers like variety.

Look how much flower sold on ps3 a motion control only game yeah it won game of the year but it also sold really well before that.

Playerz83022d ago

Playstation Move could go a couple different ways. It could catch on, especially with casual players, because of the HD visuals and more precise controls (Also a plus if Kinect is not that responsive), but it could backfire because of the uninteresting and sub-par software. The one game Sony needs to advertise the crap out of would be Eyepet, but I have a feeling they won't. C'mon Sony, where's that Kevin Butler Eyepet commercial? I can see it now, Kevin playing Eyepet on the floor with some kids. Haha.

Azerach3022d ago

It's just how gamestop operates, they only order about as many games/accessories as there are preorders. After that they concentrate on buying/reselling used games because they get a LOT more profit out of that..

big_silky3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

False shortage to give the appearance of demand. All companies do it.

Or they don't want to flood the market in case it bombs.

sdtarm3022d ago

and who believes about a EB games employee says in order to make u pre-order something LOL

rhood0223022d ago

I don't think it's an issue with Sony tightening the supply to increase demand. I think it's more the Gamestop employee trying to get pre-orders. That's not to say that Sony won't do something like that though.

I've had experiences with Gamestop employees trying to get me to pre-order games--God of War 3 comes to mind--by saying that they don't expect to "have any available for non-pre order customers" on launch day.

Wardog13683022d ago

Sometimes they actually don't. But you can just got to best buy and the game is yours.

ShabbaRanks3022d ago

Its not delicio its giornio

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The story is too old to be commented.