10° Give Your Best Revenge Story, Win a Copy of Shank "Shank was released via the Xbox Live Arcade last week, and is as fun as I hoped it was going to be. Just watch the above video for a glimpse of the ridiculously splendid moves you can pull off as our beefy, one-track minded hero (although ignore the EA symbol at the start - it started off as an indie game, and the indie spirit is still there!).

The game follows the story of Shank, who is on a mission of brutal revenge. We've got a copy of the game to give away to one lucky IndieGames reader, and winning it is simple: give us your best story of personal revenge. Maybe a friend betrayed your trust and you gave them a taste of their own medicine, or perhaps you were made to look stupid and getting your own back was the only feasible option... whatever the case, post your best story in the comments below, and we'll pick the best one at 6pm GMT tomorrow (September 3rd)."

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