Take-Two "very proud" of Mafia II

EuroGamer writes: Take-Two has backed divisive gangster game Mafia II and hit back at comments from an analyst that it will fail to be profitable.

The parent company of Mafia II publisher 2K Games said it was "very proud" of the title, and described developer 2K Czech as "extremely talented".

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steve30x2973d ago

They shouldnt be so proud of Maifi II. There was a whole lot of stuff removed from the game. Also in the PC version the DLC that they are charging for is already present on download. It just needs to be activated.

MasterD9192972d ago

Needs lots of improvements with the controls and shooting. Needs way more content as well...Less driving.

Could have and should have been better.

jy_mrnd2972d ago

Awesome story! Nuff said!