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Submitted by TnS 3099d ago | trailer

Warhound - Interactive Outdoor Environments Trailer

A new movie showing Warhound technology, titled "Episode 1: Interactive Outdoors Environments". (PC, Warhound, Xbox 360)

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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3099d ago
Sneaking up behind Crysis with those pysics and graphics.
TriggerHappy  +   3099d ago
Consoles will do Crysis graphics +++ in a few years
In a few years, Console games will surpass Crysis graphics, as of right now, they are way up ahead but in a few years consoles will definitely be able to produce graphics of that magnitude and even more.
Ignorant Fanboy  +   3099d ago
I dont think it will take that long,
I bet we see Crysis graphics on our consoles by next christmas.
JPomper  +   3099d ago
That looks really good.
Hatchetforce  +   3099d ago
It is that good. We looked at licensing that engine for our current project. They offered it for $150,000 which is cheap compared to most engines.
razer  +   3099d ago
That was impressive! Makes you wanna say Haze who??? hahaha

But, the problem with all this lame ass 360/PC stuff you can't tell what version they showing off. They are advertising this as a 360 title so they better be able to pull the same stuff off because nobody wants a dumbed down version and I'd rather break both of my hands before playing a game on the PC..
Says you  +   3099d ago
It already did its called Killzone 2 and of course
I dont think Crysis has been made for 2 years to make a CG game.
Tommie  +   3099d ago
I can't wait to see this technology in Dead Island, because its the same engine and dev. :D
AngryHippo  +   3099d ago
is dead island....
....a 360/pc exclusive or is for ps3 as well?!i am impressed by this Warhound technology. I think next gen systems will show crysis level graphics soon enough if things keep progressing like they are at the moment
Tommie  +   3099d ago
Dead Island
Is an 360/PC exclusive for now, cause it was announced for PC and 360 only. But their could always be a PS3 or Wii version later. But Warhound and Call of Juarez is also 360/PC exclusive, so I doubt it.
d3l33t  +   3099d ago
this is a prime example of implementing new development techniques to ensure maximum frame rate and texture quality. Not to mention the sounds were amazing. Things like this are possible by all means are not even close to the limit, but it's the ability of the developers to try to tackle things that haven't been accomplished yet in gaming. that's were you see the gap in games you want, and games you NEED. :D
power of Green  +   3099d ago
Crysis barely has an spit and shine edge.
TheBeginningOfTheEnd  +   3099d ago
holy crap
haze what? crysis who?

so is this a 360/PC exclusive? or also for the ps3?
Tommie  +   3099d ago
360/PC exclusive.
ParaDise_LosT  +   3099d ago
I've been telling people
about this game :P
keep telling them to look at the 1st vid...
almost as good as crysis I say....
Nobody belived me :(

Well I'm glad this game is getting some attention now :)
_insane_cobra  +   3099d ago
Wow! I urge you to go to the game's official website ( ) and download the HD version, as well as other videos found there - especially the Warhound teaser. Mind blowing stuff, and it's not even due until 2008.
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power of Green  +   3099d ago
I get confused with the "WAR" titled games, War Devil, War Hammer, War Hound.
Lex Luthor  +   3099d ago
From the words of insane cobra, mind blowing stuff.
Looking forward to Dead Island too, 360 exclusive.
tony  +   3099d ago
very nice!
i'm glad that game developers and designer are starting to take full advantage of the 360 and directx10 for pc.
DISCIPLE111  +   3099d ago
uh idk if its really that good
but it looks impressive wuts the games name war hound? or is that just the engine? n when could we possibly c this game on a console?

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