Stranglehold 'Action' trailer

Feature first look at multiplayer...

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JPomper3987d ago

Oh jesus christ this again? This is NOT news. This is the video that's played after beating the demo.

ALIEN3987d ago

I like the part when he says " i did it, i brought my two friends with me"

Back On Topic: This game looks kind of fun.

Doctor Phil3987d ago

Looks very Max Payne to me.....Max Payne was original....this looks like it SUX big time. Haven't even bothered to play the demo...I just know it SUX. The title of the game should be SUX. Anyway, it is very below what one should expect from a game for a 2nd gen platform.

Hey.....admit it!!! It SUX!!!

Mikey_Gee3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

... BUT ... after playing the Demo threw a few times over, I must say .. I actually do like what it has to offer.

I would really suggest trying the Demo (on XBLM now) or for the PS3 folks, give it a rent if you don't get a demo. You may be surprized.

I WAS !!