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GamingUnion.net: Seth Killian Interview

GamingUnion.net: "Aside from being the Capcom Community Manager, an all-round Street Fighter master and the guy who SFIV's boss was named after, Seth Killian is also one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. It was a pleasure then, to sit down in the relative calm of a hotel room just around the corner from the carnage that was GamesCom and chew the fat about everything from the pains of balancing, to generating "a giant storm of crap."" (Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

bradlinho  +   1822d ago
nice interview, cant wait for mvc3
JDouglasGU  +   1822d ago
mvc3 is definitely looking impressive
Selyah  +   1822d ago
That was a pretty fun interview.
mephman  +   1822d ago
Yea, and if we learnt anything, it's that you don't challenge Seth at Capcom fighting games.
Sanrin  +   1822d ago
Unless you're Daigo!
mephman  +   1822d ago
Yea well, he's just different.
KimberlyHopr  +   1822d ago
Nice interview. Seth is the man.
Like 2 months ago this story showed up on him. Skill rulz:
shoptrade2   1822d ago | Spam
Anime-Vixen  +   1822d ago
I have a huge crush on Seth Killian. I don't know but he really cute for an older guy.

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