Gran Turismo 5 Demo Playable at Best Buy in Oregon (Confirmed)

A new demo has surfaced in Best Buy Oregon(us)

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Kain812725d ago


thereapersson2725d ago

Strange... he crashed head long into a wall, and there wasn't a scratch on the car

Bobbykotickrulesz2725d ago

I live in Oregon.


CrawFail2725d ago

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

badz1492725d ago

every frickin time GT5 related article comes out! WTH? this is a Driving Simulator, not Burnout! I'm more than happy they've always focus on that department but the inclusion of damage in GT5 should be considered as extra not the be all end all of GT5! it's the DRIVING that matters, not DAMAGE! and to think that people should DRIVE correctly in GT5, some of you guys however, skip THAT essential part and just wanna see if the cars CRASHED and DAMAGED correctly! sad, actually!

InfectedDK2725d ago

WOW glad I preordered this game :D
Have been waiting for ages now! :P

Dawn_Of_Ashes2725d ago

dont get your hope too high i never seen a company releasing a demo like 5 months before the game come out

SoapShoes2725d ago

Um it's only 2 months until the game comes out.....

gtamike2725d ago

A must buy for PS3 owners

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INehalemEXI2725d ago

One state away close, If I lived near the border I would be on a road trip.

49erguy2725d ago

What a$$hole could have possibly disagreed with you Kain81?

Ilikegames762725d ago

who can't play the demo because it's not on their console of choice.

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MaximusPrime2725d ago

hope to see this in UK stores too.

btw i have been playing GT5P again. still lovin it

xg-ei8ht2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Seriously hoping everyone gets to play this demo, either in stores or at home:) 3gb demo as well, also noticed when he views the tracks, toscana states dirt/snow:)

jizzyjones2725d ago

Lets hope this demo is announced for PSN at TokyoGameShow......

2725d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.