The Top Gaming Processors on the Planet

For anyone interested in building the ultimate gaming rig, Igniq have compiled a list of the hottest hexa and quad core processors from camp Intel and AMD.

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ZombieAutopsy2998d ago

The PC i'm getting has the AMD Phenom II 955, good to know it'll do the job.

steve30x2997d ago

Im upgrading to a Core I5 760 soon because

(1) Its slightly better than my Q6600 @ 3.3GHZ
(2) It will overclock a lot more than my Q6600 and will run cooler than my Q6600
(3) The motherboard I am getting can do SLI or Xfire
(4) I can use DDR3 ram which is much faster than the rubbish DDR2 800MHZ ram I have

Also those that believe the CPU is a bottleneck in SLI should read this I know I will get disagreed with and if you are going to disagree please comment why you disagree.