Medal of Honor to Sell 3.5 Million, Won't See Impact from Taliban Controversy, says Pachter

EA's upcoming Medal of Honor has once again made headlines thanks to the controversy surrounding the ability to play as Taliban in the game's multiplayer mode. In a surprise move, retailer GameStop confirmed earlier today that it's pulling advertising and not selling the game at any of its stores located on military bases.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2907d ago

I fucking hate Patcher! Ban this fucker from our community.

Darkstorn2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

This whole Medal of Honor controversy is bogus, it all started because Fox News portrayed it as a valid issue instead of the bullshit that it is. That's bad journalism, and it started a fake dispute.

Of course sales won't be impacted, the only people who give a damn are suburban soccer moms!

EDIT: I do think 3.5 million units is a little high, Pachter.

sikbeta2907d ago

Hmmm.... controversy = sales

Coheno2907d ago

I think It'll do more... Preorders in the US are already pretty significant, plus us Europeans, and there's still over a month till release.

fcpthebest2907d ago

If you check the preorders you´ll see that they are ALMOST on par with Black Ops.

The game will probably sell more than BC2, although it is a mod... :)

M-Easy2907d ago

Pachter is an idiot but i pre-orderd MOH

bumnut2907d ago

Maybe, but how many of those people will buy it for the battlefield 3 beta?

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donniebaseball2907d ago

Hmm, it's a busy holiday season, and shooters are plentiful. 3.5 million might be a bit much

OhReginald2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

pachter gets it wrong...AGAIN.

JohnApocalypse2907d ago

I don't see that happening. How many copies did Bad Company 2 sell anyway?

gtsentry2907d ago

bad company 2 sold over 5 million

gtsentry2907d ago

may i ask why someone disagreed

dkgshiz2907d ago

So...Yeah, it did sell over 5 million. MOH is going to stink really badly though.

Urmomlol2907d ago

I love how Patcher just states the obvious and makes shit up and people actually pay him to do so.

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The story is too old to be commented.