GTA 4 screens from Play Magazine

Some new (and some old) screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 4 from Play Magazine.

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xaphanze3844d ago

i just wanna see some gameplay for this game.

nomuken3844d ago

Its coming from a PS magazine.

TriggerHappy3844d ago

If my understanding is correct, all the versions from magazines that we have seen on this game are all from the Xbox 360 version, including the two trailers that have been released.

The PS3 version is in development alright but no footage or video has been shown yet.

s8anicslayer3844d ago

does it matter what console the screens are from, it doesnt change the fact that it has been delayed

boi3844d ago

f my understanding is correct, PLEASE nomore GTA4 screentshots or trailers until the time is near!!!

LOFT3163844d ago

i was thinkin whats the point now it been god damm deleyed

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The story is too old to be commented.