Conduit 2 Hits Delay, Coming in 2011

Nintendojo: In an e-mail exchange with Sega and High Voltage public relations in regard to Conduit 2, we were notified that the game’s release date has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2011. The game was scheduled to hit store shelves Nov. 2.

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tunaks13001d ago

Funny that HVS is now supporting cc, after they themselves said using DA for a fps feels like controlling a boat. I guess they are going to try and benefit from all those CC being bought for MH and GE.

N4g_null3001d ago

options are good. These guys let a lot of guys go also i believe. I havnt talk to any one in chi town though but thats what i heard. good game so far.

tunaks13001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

im all for options,
just funny that they previously said that about DA controls, yet are embracing CC. This will help when friends come over to play goldeneye (maybe even the C2) and dont bother to learn how to play with IR.

Seferoth753001d ago

Probably for the best to be honest. With Black Ops and Golden Eye coming I do not think C2 would have gotten the love it deserves. This way they can release it after everyone has gotten done with both games and with their features for C2 it may just get the sales it deserves.

lil boy blue3001d ago

Well that made up my mind. I getting COD:Bo this year and C2 2011