The Top Ten Up and Coming Game Studios

It's a hard knock life as a game developer. High risk, demanding publishers, an even more demanding public…

Studios in their infancy stage find themselves in an even more precarious situation. Often fueled by their own desire for video gaming innovation, they'll often take the financial and creative risk into their own hands. These are the true pioneers of the video game industry, and Primotech has taken the liberty of identifying the top ten up and coming game studios right now.

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TriggerHappy4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

cool, glad to see Media Molecule, LittleBigPlanet developers, make it in there.

EDIT: Yeah now i read it..:)

Vojkan4057d ago

Did you even read the title or did you just directly jump in just to write something?

bym051d4057d ago

Bungie is easily an established dev, not an up and comer.

Maybe in the Myth days or around the end of Marathon, they might have belonged on this list.

s8anicslayer4057d ago

they have already made a name for themselves, plus they've been around for years

MK_Red4057d ago

Superb post. They chose good teams but Media Molecule should have been higher.

I LOVE this list since my fave team, Obsidian from the members of old Black Isle the Fallout 1&2 makers, in number one. :)

Vojkan4057d ago

MEDIA MOLECULE should be first on that list. Most of the sites voted LBP as game of the show for last E3. GameSpot is one of them.

Wolverick4057d ago

Eat, Sleep, Play should of made this list

TriggerHappy4057d ago

have not shown anything yet, they have titles in development, they have great developers on the team. Until they can show their stuff as a newly formed Studio, they will usually be left out in things like these.

jay34057d ago

The only thing Eat, Sleep, Play is doing is a port of the PSP Twisted Metal to the PS2.

So no, they don't belong on this list. Not yet at least.

PS-Wii-604057d ago

It's a must have for any zombie fan and a permanent part of my collection.
As far as I know it's the only game where YOU get to be the zombie!

And Media Molecule definitely deserves to be on this list. They will pioneer a whole new genre in gaming with LBP.