TGH: Vanquish Demo Impressions, Stylish Shooting Fun

TGH Writes: "Sega and Platinum Games have released the demo for their upcoming 3rd person shooter game Vanquish on Xbox LIVE and I played this demo till my thumbs were sore! Players take on the role of Sam Gideon, a former college football star who after being injured gets recruited into an organization called DARPA. Sam wears an ARS or “augmented reaction suit” which allows him short burst of bullet time, and the ability to propel himself at high speeds."

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MightyMark4273000d ago

Played the game and it's awesome.

nycredude3000d ago

IT was kind of cool but too much style and not enough substance.

OnlyTheTruth3000d ago

Style and substance are synonymous with Vanquish.

ChineseDemocracy3000d ago

I really enjoyed the demo, love the slow-mo shooting when dashing haha.

gta_manic3000d ago

always overheat when trying to pull something cool off

DigitalAnalog3000d ago

This is only a sample of what a Boss battle feels like, and if the demo indicates anything - is that the control scheme works wonderfully. It feels more like playing an "epic" video game as opposed to a video game that WANTS to be like a movie.

-End statement

DelbertGrady3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

This game is extremely well-crafted. Most likely won't find many glitches in it. I was amazed by the graphics. Tons of detail, large environments, and it all runs at a smooth framerate. On top of that you felt like a mecha god while playing it. One of the most badass characters this gen. Much more my taste than Bayonetta, which I felt was a bit too quirky with all the dancing and such, although I liked the overly Japanese touch.

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The story is too old to be commented.