Megaton rumor: Duke Nukem Forever resuming development at Gearbox?

According to anonymous sources that spoke with Kotaku, Duke Nukem Forever has – like the phoenix of legend, except with an even longer lifespan – risen from the ashes. Apparently, however, this time Borderlands developer Gearbox is taking the reigns, which sounds like the best thing to ever happen, if we’re being honest.

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Anorexorcist2874d ago

a resurgence in the new gen.

My favorite quote from Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill for PSOne: "EWWWW, Skanky Outfit."

morganfell2874d ago

A different Duke Nukem game has been in development st Gearbox for over a year. It's an origin story of how Duke became Duke. Unless they switched up then this is the rumor these sites keep hearing, not Duke Nukem Forever.

FragMnTagM2873d ago

I knew those rumors had a little weight as Randy Pitchford (president of Gearbox Software) has a little history with George Broussard of former 3D Realms.

Can't wait to play it. The graphics look pretty damn nice for off screen video that was streaming live.

Why is everyone on here so pessimistic?

Dramscus2874d ago


I'm just going to go on down to the graveyard and dig up these old bones to write a story about.
Maybe I'll shake them around a bit and they can make a bit of noise...

but yeah. I highly doubt we'll see duke nukem forever... ever. Then if we do there's a good chance it'll actually really suck. Or at least not live up to expectations. Which would be a total fail all things considered.

Elwenil2874d ago

Honestly, I'm just sick of hearing about this "game". Either put it out or just STFU about it. I personally don't think this would be a big seller and obviously the developers and publishers are very unsure about it. There are certain franchises that stand the test of time but I feel like this gen that a lot of developers are falling back on old titles due to a lack of imagination in developing new IPs. This one might be worth it as a download game or something but I can't see it being a huge success as a $60 title. If it's dead, just let it die and stop bringing up every month.

nygamer282874d ago


hudsoniscool2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

i hate that line. they F#[email protected] stole that from the movie They Live

ThatArtGuy2874d ago

They stole almost every line Duke says from Bruce Campbell's Ash character.

ZombieAutopsy2874d ago

I have a feeling if this game ever does get released that it will most likely either get really bad reviews, sell terribly, or both.

dgroundwater2874d ago

I'd still like to polay it even if it bombed. You know it would still be fun to play no matter how dated it feels. It's Duke Nukem Forever to god's sakes it would be an honour to play it even if it was a turd.

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