Monster Hunter 3 is close to topping Super Smash Bros. Brawl as the most played Wii game ever

From Paul Gale Network: "Here then, we see that the long time #1 most played Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is about to be toppled by Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Tri."

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hannibus3029d ago

I was about to say that there is no way MH3 outsold Brawl but this I believe since its pretty much an mmo.

JeromeRichfield3029d ago

It will never outsell Brawl. No chance.

RobinGB3029d ago

I'm not suprised that Smash is number one but some of those other titles on the list are suprising.

MidnightGamer93029d ago

Ahhh the dethroning of a king.

KimberlyHopr3029d ago

I would think that Mario Kart would be higher than 16th.

HiroyasuKarpovsky3029d ago

Kudos to Capcom on addicting game.