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Dawn_Of_Ashes2910d ago

Like... Duke nukem forever?

wohoo2910d ago

Hey, Duke will be back! And at PAX this week, apparently :D

BubbleSystemSuck2910d ago

what is wrong with Take Two? :(

MaxPayne 3 is fromt Take Two too?

Christopher2910d ago

One would hope it would be to finally update the engine for use with the PS3. But not likely *sighs*

ReservoirDog3162910d ago

Well, more time to save up for it and every other game coming out within the next few months.

scofios2910d ago

I think this game is in the same vaporware category as , Duke nukem , Wardevil , sadness , Huxley ,

Thepro3182910d ago

this was in game 2 months ago and it was on the cover vaporware i think not

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LumpsRGood2910d ago

Why must all the stuff I look forward to be pushed back? Hope there's a good reason.

washingmachine2910d ago

good,they prob had a game that lookt like mafia 2 and thought they better make it look all that it could look on console lol

EliteAssass1n2910d ago

maybe it had the same structure as Mafia 2. It was all story, and they saw how they needed to add some more content or something. Delays just make a game better so i don't mind.

tigertron2910d ago

Delay? a release date was never announced in the first place.

Agent_Cody_Banks2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Y'all should show some gameplay or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.