PS3's Achilles' Heel Is That It's Too Good

Ironstar: When you think about Sony this console generation, the general idea is that they started from the bottom, hence their late start, and built a gigaton of a console that is, PlayStation 3. In comparison with the other two consoles, Wii and Xbox 360, there is essentially nothing the PS3 can’t do. As great as that is for consumers like me, that may be exactly the problem, for others.

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0mega43022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

if you cant realize how good and how many developers are putting out AAA ps3 exclusives than youre just an idiot

playstation may have started out slow but its marketing is superior its value and its amount of quality titles makes it the dominate console by sony continued support of its core audience
while in turn offering move to welcome the causal market as well giving everyone new ways to experience playstations top titles

the only thing holding back the ps3 now is PSN

Give me a xboxlive like rep system & cross game chat
and xbl&psn will be on completely equal ground

darkcharizard3022d ago

I think PS3 has already surpassed Xbox 360.. due to its great exclusives, and Xbox 360's lack of them.

ABizzel13022d ago

This was a good article. There are several reasons why the PS3 has had a rough time.

1) The biggest was the original $600 price point. That was way to much for what people considered to be a gaming console even though it was much more.

2) Another problem was that the 360 was out a year before, and at the time offer games that were comparable/ arguably better than the PS3 games, cost $400, and had a larger library of games making it an attractive alternative to the expensive PS3.

3) The Wii launched at the same time as the PS3 and at $250 it was going to out sell the competition just because of how cheap it was.

4) No one cared about Blu Ray at the time.

5) The media portrayed the PS3 as a failure before it even started. The news, journalist, blogs, and even developers were bashing it before it even got a year's worth of games under it's belt. Claiming the system had no games, was overpriced (which it was), Blu Rays future was shaky (which was arguably true), and it was a better to get a Wii and a Xbox 360 for the same price as a PS3. When you have the news showing this to the casual market, and developers and blogs spreading this to the hardcore then you're going to be at a huge disadvantage.

6) People wanted to see Sony lose because the PS1 outsold the N64, and the PS2 killed the Dreamcast, and the original Xbox had no chance of making any impact since the PS2 already owned it. There was hate from all corners, and I remember it well. Sony was having a hard time, and people were trying their best to finish them off.

7) Gears of War. It showcased what the Xbox 360 was capable of, and the PS3 launch titles weren't on par with Gears of War graphically. Gears had been in development long before the 360 was launched, as it was Epic who made MS upgrade to 512MB of RAM so they could get Gears. And when it released it showed, and Gears was the best looking game of 2006, which sent Xbots (as they were known back then) in a rage and PS3 hate grew even more.

8) Non PS3 owners were ignorant to everything the PS3 could do and the game it had by 2007. Resistance Fall of Man, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Ratchet and Clank: TOD, Folklore, Unreal Tournament 3 with mode support, plus a decent assortment of multiplat. That's not bad for the first year.

9) Xbox 360, People bought the 360 at launch and didn't feel the $400 price was justified and weren't going to drop another $400 or $500 on the PS3 (the same can be said for the PS3). So they're waiting until it hits $250 or $199.

There's a bunch of other stuff, but the PS3 has done well for itself thorough all of this. and has sold almost 40 million consoles as it nears it's 4th year. All the console are at a point now where they are worth the asking price.

The 360 is a good buy for $199
The PS3 is a good buy for $299
THe Wii not so much

If I were to rate the console right now:

360 8.5
PS3 9
Wii 7

AngryTypingGuy3022d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Good comment ABizzel1.

I think another thing that you can add to the list, and this may be the true Achilles heel for the PS3 (along with being the most expensive in a bad economy, which is a biggie): is that it is harder to program games for. The PS3 is a unique system, the first of its kind for programmers. The 360 has an advantage because it's so similar to the PC to program for. While the PS3 has a few incredible looking exclusives, the overwhelming majority of games are multiplatform. The result is of course that most programmers are able to squeeze more out of the 360 version of games. If the average consumer does a side by side comparison of most multiplatform games, the 360 is going to look more appealing to them if they don't care about getting a Blu Ray player.

Looking ahead to the next gen, I'm curious to see how the PS4 will fare. The PS2 and 3 have both helped usher in new forms of media: the PS2 helped popularize the DVD format while the PS3 help Blu Ray win the format war. People that want a gaming console with Blu Ray only have one choice this gen. What happens if the next gen consoles all have Blu Ray? This obviously will take away Sony's advantage. Sony doesn't have to let MS license Blu Ray on their future consoles, but I'm guessing they will since Sony computers come preloaded with Windows, unless MS decides to create a new media format or have everything be digital download. Odds are though, they will both have Blu Ray.

Considering that the PS2 obliterated the competition, and now almost four years after the PS3 launch it still is behind MS, we'll see these two companies battle it out for a long time to come. We've already seen the benefits of their war with each other and will continue to do so.

And then there's Nintendo...quietly doing their own thing and currently spanking them both in terms of sales.

Kurt Russell3021d ago

Nice ABizzel1, I agree. Although I prefer my xbox, I think you're right on the money.

gypsygib3021d ago

@AngryTypingGuy: Next gen, MS's console having Blu-ray won't negatively effect Sony or take away from it's advantage. Sony has built a great library of exclusive games this gen to add to the pre-existing ones, while Microsoft only has Gears and Fable left for next gen. Everything else has gone to sony and Bungie no longer is making Halo games, so the great reviews scores will probably go out the window.

Next-gen MS will have to convince people to choose its console over Sony's with just 2 games to differentiate itself, it's going to be very difficult. This gen has been a battle for Sony but their very well positioned for the next.

AngryTypingGuy3021d ago

It's hard to say Gypsy. It would be foolish to think that MS doesn't have any tricks (and a huge supply of cash) up its sleeve. And it's hard to believe that there weren't people this gen who would've otherwise gotten an Xbox but decided to get a PS3 because it offered Blu Ray while nothing else did. Everything is pure speculation right now, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the years ahead. I think one of the smartest things MS can do is to obtain a couple of more studios for first party exclusives.

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Godmars2903022d ago

Because it $600 at launch and came with "Let Them Eat Cake" statement that Sony's never been forgiven for?

Nevermind that as a BR its competition there was $1200 standalones that only played movies.

UP3022d ago

I always wondered what the people that will never forgive sony for that want. They obviously do not want games.
(to potential disagreers, I know what sony did was stupid and they did deserve what they got in the beginning (hell I am glad what got in the beginning because I believe that is what changed them to the sony of today) but that was 2007 guys its 2010 it is time to get out of the time machine and realize sony is different and you should give them another try at least.)

Godmars2903022d ago

I've always wondered how the 360 gets a general pass for being the "cheaper" console when it was out a year before and did less. Had the SKU w/o a HDD that was then more expensive if you did want to get it.

darthv723022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

i think the reason the 360 was accepted and the ps3 shunned at first was due to the way they delivered each other. Sony made some mistakes with pricing and the quality of the games and got criticized into making the changes to better themselves and the system.

360 was pretty upfront about what it did and didnt try and pass off as something else. You basically had two sku's and here it is. It plays games first and foremost. It wasnt being marketed as the hd player to get.

I distinctly recall many seeing the way sony handeled their PR at launch as some type of identity crisis. Is it a game machine...why does it cost so much? Is it a movie player...why are all these games for it?

It really was an interesting time. It was the more expensive game console and the less expensive movie player.

The free pass you could say was because it delivered on what it set out to do. Play games and get people connected. Both have greatly improved over these few years. I think the next gen we will have many more expectations right out of the box instead of slowly evolving before our eyes.

theonlylolking3022d ago

Its so good and that is why so many people hate it. No one wants a console that started out bad and quickly became the best console(unless you own the console).

laoboy_Smoke3022d ago

what still boggles my brain is how was RROD ever ok? seriously? M$ always seemed to get a pass from tha media (& xbots) like it wasnt as serious as it really was/is... which is an extreme waste of $$$ p.s. Im still on my 1st 40 gb PS3 (which has been upgraded to 250 gb of coarse ; ) -GAMERS UNITE-

NYC_Gamer3022d ago

everyone hates on Sony because the PS brand has been on top for so long..

NYC_Gamer3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Nintendo will always be right there beside Sony...both companies bring out the best of variety with strong 1st party studios

Djinn3022d ago

LOL. Nintendo wasn't on top the last two generations! They were butt sexed by Sony.

gypsygib3021d ago

Nintendo has been getting its ass kicked since N64, even Genesis split the market 50/50 almost. This gen is Ninty's first console domination since NES, since NES they're been struggling in the console wars.

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