PixelJumpers: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

Set three years before Dead Rising 2, Case Zero sets out to introduce the player to Chuck Greene and give a taste of what's to come. Does this one stand above the pile of zombie pieces or is it left shambling behind the pack? Find out in the full review for Dead Rising 2: Case Zero after the break...

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NovaXz2943d ago

Love love love Dead Rising and Case Zero has been such a tease but I love it! Can't wait for Dead Rising 2!

N4GAddict2942d ago

Sounds like I have to pick it up soon.

Ronster3162943d ago

Is simply fantastic.

My two standout combo card weapons are the boomstick and the electric rake.

Beer hat is also useful though in case you have no space for health in your inventory collection.

For a measly 400 MS points this for me has been the deal of the year so far.

And we have still to sample the joy of multiplayer from the full retail version yet.

I think Dead Rising 2 will score very high indeed.

Well done Blue Castle........ you pulled it off.

NovaXz2943d ago

Paddle with the chainsaw is by far the best in Case Zero. Nothing like rafting in the streets, while slicing zombies in half.

Ronster3162943d ago

Pretty much all the combo cards were awesome.

Even the spraypaint/traffic cone combo.

Yup, "rafting in the streets" was pretty damn cool too.

N4GAddict2942d ago

Dead Rising 2 will be awesome.

Sandal2942d ago

Just because they call it a "prequel" doesn't mean I'm gonna pay for a demo.

DelbertGrady2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Unlike GT5: Prologue, Case Zero is actually fun to play.

HammockGames2942d ago

I've been messing around with it for probably 10+ hours now. It's honestly got enough substance to stand on its own as an XBLA title.

For players new to Dead Rising, it might help them gauge whether or not they do want to pay for the full version, but there's more to it than a typical demo. In fact, I think there's even the option to download a demo of Case Zero.

Besides, who doesn't love zombie slaying?

Weaksauce11382942d ago

Unique location, unique story and leveling that carries over to the game for a price that is lower than standard add on DLC. Yea, its a rip off and a demo. By the way, im selling a bridge...

2942d ago