How the developer of Gears of War has just put an Xbox 360 in your pocket

GamesRadar: There's a very good chance that portable gaming changed forever last night . We're talking serious vision-of-the-future stuff here, and even better, that stuff is available right now. To you. For free. Trust me, shit just got real.

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ingiomar2909d ago

360 Graphics on an Iphone..
I downloaded it and the graphics are good..but they exaggerated it its more like the wii

so it should be

''How the developer of Gears of War has just put an WII in your pocket''

Spaghett2909d ago

360 games look worse than Wii games, generally.

SuperTiger2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Why so serious?

Zachmo1822909d ago

Really what 360 games have you been playing?

ABizzel12909d ago

Ignore his foolishness.

The iPhone has a lot going for it, it just doesn't have the developer support the consoles have. It has a good processor, 512 MB of RAM, and I'm assuming a decent GPU since it has one of the best displays on a phone. So the iPhone should be able to pump out some great looking games for a handheld as long as developers are serious about making a game for the iPhone.

Fanb0y2909d ago

Spaghett: all-around troll. He trolls both consoles.

First of his kind. Applause.

dirthurts2909d ago

You should have yourself checked out. There is something not right here...

qface642909d ago

probably deadly premonition and hydrophobia lol

luke2012909d ago

spaghett did u know that most multi-platform games look better on the 360?

XactGamer2909d ago

just click and remove his troll comment

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DeeZee2909d ago

I played it on my iPad and it looks better then any Wii game I've seen...

Dr Face Doctor2909d ago

I've already got a wii in my pocket. ;)

Sitdown2909d ago

that was funnier in your head. Haha

-Ikon-2909d ago

These guys cant even make the best HD console graphics. so they achieved ps2 graphics on a phone now? lol

jdktech20102909d ago

the hate is strong with this one.....and so is the pointlesness

Stealth20k2909d ago

The graphics looks good but the actual game plays and feels like shit so who cares?

Si-Fly2909d ago

I've tried on my iPad and iPhone 4, tbh it looks better on the iPhone cos it's so damn sharp. This looks better than oblivion and that's no lie. Interesting to see if they can keep the graphical detail and frame rate when they dump npcs into it.

nycredude2909d ago

Yeah it looks sharp uh maybe cause your screen is freaking 3"!!!

Si-Fly2909d ago

Because the screen has twice the resolution of a wii and psp you muppet.

Roozium2909d ago

Wow, can this article get any more flamebate-ish?

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The story is too old to be commented.