Online Gaming Trumps YouTube

US consumers are playing online games more than they watch hilarious online vids of people injuring themselves, according to a new Parks Associates report.

Even with the popularity of sites such as YouTube, playing games is still the most popular online pastime in the US.

Thirty-four percent of adult Internet users in the US said during Q2 2007, they played online games at least once a week. This is compared to 29 percent of people who said they watch short video clips online and 19 percent who use social networking sites such as MySpace with the same frequency.

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sticky doja3932d ago

You submitted this thing like 5 seconds before I did :(

SonyDefenseForce3931d ago

this Article is just telling us what we already know

Farsendor13931d ago

playing games online is the best way to play games its fun being able to get better and better and competing against the best. games that have online usually turn out to be very good just cause you can more fun out of it.

djt233931d ago

yep i know what you mean