G4TV: Halo: Reach Forge Mode Hands-On

Morgan Webb sits with Marcus Lehto for a dive deep into the Halo sandbox, where you can edit maps, create new gametypes, and even make movies. Check out this hands-on preview of Halo: Reach Forge.

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NikoleSmash2998d ago

I don't care what anyone thinks, I can't wait for this game!

Cevapi882998d ago

hopefully bungie worked out everything that needs to make forge a success..the only thing that can ruin the experience is if players figure out how to glitch their maps to their advantage

Iceland2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I don't care what PlayStation fanboys think of this game. If it will be a good game, it will be a good game, no PlayStation fanboy can change that.

Bobbykotickrulesz2998d ago

How about stop worrying what "PlayStation fanboys" think, and just enjoy the fact that you'll be playing this game soon?

Or you can be a whiner and bitch about pointless dribble that's said on the internet.

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pimpmaster2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

i just got the game, i dunno if its cause i was tired or something but i just went to sleep half way through the first mission.

and btw wtf kinda gay ass video is that. all they do is ask 2 questions then its over.

pimpmaster2998d ago

if anyones intrested ill post vids

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