Metroid Other M: Who is Ridley?

CVG: In the lead up to the release of Metroid: Other M we've explored the origin and journey of Samus Aran, intergalactic bounty-hunter and Nintendo's leading lady.

Her epic quest to rid the galaxy of evil started with the loss of her parents at the hands of the merciless Space Pirate Ridley, who has continued to torment Samus since the tragic events that occurred on Planet K2-L. But just who is Ridley and what are his motives?

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DA_SHREDDER3026d ago

This game is so sick. One of my top 3 for GOTY.

GuruStarr783026d ago

This game is the best metroid since fusion.....I have not seen any reasons why it was given a bad review by G4 while playing it.....They seemed to only focus on the story, which is still good, but the gameplay is the best.....I will never trust one of G4s reviews ever (not that I did in the first place).....I need to stop typing now and get back to playing it!