G4TV: inFamous 2 Preview

Cole MacGrath is back, and in this inFamous 2 preview, Morgan Webb hears from Bruce Oberg all about the return, including new powers Kinetic Pulse and Ionic Vortex.

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PimpHandHappy2941d ago

in my top three games for 2011

Twisted Metal
and this

Anime-Vixen2941d ago

I want the E3 Cole!!!!!!!!!

Cevapi882941d ago

and i wish Twilight was never made into a isn't fair

Agent_Cody_Banks2941d ago

Twilight is a deep and artistic film. Don't diss it just cuz you don't understand it.

Bobbykotickrulesz2941d ago

I wish Twilight was never made into a book either.

cranium2941d ago

I can't believe someone agreed with Agent_Cody_Banks...

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danmachine2941d ago

you can lift up cars above your head and throw them, it looks awesome.

jaytv-pyro2941d ago

SONY PS3 = Many Great Exclusive

M$ 360 = Paid DLC & $50 Mini Games

KratosGirI2941d ago

Pay no attention to Pyro. He's just a kid.

TheLastGuardian2941d ago

Oh My God I can't take it anymore. I want to play this game NAOW! Looks like a 2011 GOTY contender to me.

clank5432941d ago

Definitely. Remember that Uncharted 3 is probably going to come out next year too, though, so game of the year will probably belong to that.

vickers5002941d ago

I still think inFamous 2 will be better than any Uncharted game. But that's just my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.