Default PS3s To Support 3D Blu-ray Playback...

Early adopters will be pleased to find their PlayStation 3 units capable of pushing stereoscopic 3D via Blu-ray discs when Sony releases a firmware update enabling the technology in October.

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cliffbo3027d ago

striking news!!! i doubt many of us new this!

GodsHand3027d ago

No, you did not know, but now you do, and knowing is half the battle.

darthv723027d ago

Just curious why anyone would have thought the original would NOT be able to do 3d?

WildArmed3027d ago

lol No one thought it COULDN'T be done =/

Sony said it many many many times that all ps3's are 3d ready..
soo yeah.. >.<

ZombieAutopsy3027d ago

Uhh didn't we all assume you would be able too?? Sony never said anything about it not coming to them.

Thoreau3027d ago

those whom value reason, choose the ps3....

earbus3027d ago

I just had my first view of a sony 3d tv i must say i was dam impressed they had american football then ran motostorm demo it was sharper than expected and colours were not leeching at all if i had the cash id be in changed my attitude totally about 3d i had a wow moment.

jack_burt0n3027d ago

u get lots of those being a ps3 gamer

Holeran3027d ago

Have to upgrade from a 50 inch 720p samsung to a 3d capable 1080p now. My wallet is already cringing. From what I read the sonys and panasonics are the way to go for 3d tv at the moment. The samsung led is rated ok for 3d but not as good as the other 2. 3d is going to stay with us. After seeing the good 3d displays lately i'm convinced the glasses are staying with us as well. It's just too good to deny.

PS360PCROCKS3027d ago

Go with the Panasonic man. Panasonic bought out the Pioneer Kuro technology and is now implementing it in their screens. I own a 2008/09 Pioneer Kuro and believe me, you WANT a TV that uses Pioneers technology. The black level is absolutely insane. Watching the Dark Knight is a treat because in one scene there is dark black rooftops, gray suits, black batman suits and semi-lit sky and all are perfectly represented with no bleeding whatsoever and really adds so much depth to the picture.

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The story is too old to be commented.