iPod Touch outselling PSP and DS in games, not systems

There have been about 718 million DS games sold in the system's history, and about 252 million games sold on the PSP. And there have been 6.5 billion downloads of iOS apps so far (with 1.5 billion of those being game and entertainment apps).

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Optical_Matrix3022d ago

And yet 99.9999999% of those games are absolute garbage. Meanwhile, Optical_Matrix will continue to play real portable games on his Nintendo DS and PSP.

FarEastOrient3022d ago

The majority of games are terrible yet free, the only good thing about it. Now there are still a few good games like Angry Birds, but that doesn't beat Dragon Quest IX.

xc7x3022d ago

technically they're not outselling games either because they aren't the same type.

tunaks13022d ago

Seeing as iphone games are a lot cheaper, it isn't much of an accomplishment.