Mass Effect Movie? No Thanks.

Maybe someday, some happy accident will result in an enjoyable video-game film being made. But the Mass Effect movie project is proof that it’s not worth all the time, money, and popcorn butter-related stomach cramps, and here’s why.

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NYC_Gamer2945d ago

ive always been against turning games into movies

Tommykrem2945d ago

So was I until I saw Silent Hill... Wait, so am I after I saw Silent Hill.
There you go.

Btw, FFVII: Advent Children is awesome, but it's not really based directly on FVII itself.

DanTheIsland2945d ago

Silent Hill is proof that if you do something enough times with a small chance of success, you'll eventually get something right.

I just hate seeing so many good properties getting thrown at the dartboard, so to speak.

admanb2945d ago

Scott Pilgrim is the best video game movie. Dwell on that.