Interplay Launches Indie Publishing Service

The biggest problem facing independent developers is getting their name recognized in the global market. While PSN Minis and XBLIG do their fair share of helping the indie scene, Interplay has decided they, too, want to aid in bringing indie developers exposure.

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Zinc2942d ago

The indie scene is bigger than ever before. It's truly possible for 1-4 guys to compete with 100 man teams, in terms of a game that is profitable and generates a following.

The power of the internet.

Zinc2942d ago

Wow a disagree... how interesting. Please explain.

dgroundwater2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I think alot of people can't get past the amount of cheap knockoff titles that turn the Indie market into a swamp of crap. If you know where to look, I totally agree with the awesomeness of the indie scene. There have been many XBLIG's I've bought which impress me more than many major dev projects.

What Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo need to do is publicize good indie devs with ads on the dashboards. So much gold is buried under avatar games and Geometry Wars ripoffs. Guys like Rob Rich will point you towards some of the best XBL games you never heard of. http://www.crushfragdestroy...

karatechoplifter2942d ago

Interplay gave me some of my best early game experiences. If they have a plan... I'm inclined to go along with it.

-MD-2942d ago

Interplay needs to bust out the Loaded franchise.

CrzyFooL2942d ago

Interplay has their own fucking problems to deal with. They are in no position to "help" anybody else if they can't manager to help themselves.

Cajun Chicken2942d ago

Nice! Maybe we'll get the 'quirkyness' of Interplay back!

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