Activision ditches PS3 from Black Ops ads

Activision has omitted PlayStation's logo from a new print run of Call Of Duty: Black Ops ads in the UK.

In yet more evidence of a blossoming partnership between Activision and Xbox, Microsoft's branding proudly accompanies that of Treyarch and Activision - but there's no room for Sony.

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Optical_Matrix3029d ago

Boohoo? Are we meant to cry or something?

SuperTiger3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Wow no PS3 logo, now the PS3 is definitely doomed.

Joule3029d ago

Oh no the world is gonna end......didn't Modern Warfare 2 do the same thing

Acquiescence3029d ago

I'm happy if Kotick and crew don't want the PS3 to be affiliated with their annual braindead rehash.

0mega43029d ago

microsoft once again plugin money for more worthless crap

instead of securing exclusives

but hey microsoft you secured the maps for a whole month congrats!
and way to really stick it to everyone else/s

k-Lan3029d ago

You have a link with the numbers Bullet? No?! STFU then. Black Ops is gonna rock no matter what any of you say as long as they fixed the issues that MW2 had. This winter's gonna kick ass for gaming! :D

SilentNegotiator3029d ago

"in the UK"

Hmmm...interesting how sites like CVG always forget to put important details in their titles.

totallysane3029d ago

yep here comes no respect for the ps3. activision truly picking favorites. luckily it happens to be one of the biggest franchises i hate. sooooooooo i could care less, let m$ do what they want. i cant stand activision anyway. they allow some shitty games to be published...nuff said.

RonRico3029d ago

Yep. That's a lot o disagrees.

sikbeta3029d ago

OMG! what we do now? we're døømedz /s

*waiting for KZ3D*

kunit22c3029d ago

OMGZZ its hintzz at teh 360 getting teh exclusive content!! PS3 is DOOMED! /s

DigitalHorror813029d ago

I love my PS3 and don't support Activision anyway. They're a cancer to gaming as a whole.

ShinMaster3029d ago

Well, a simple explanation for this would be that it's a Microsoft sponsored ad.

Gamerbee3029d ago

Killzone 3 ditched Xbox altogether..For good reason.

Kurt Russell3028d ago

I have a feeling you're one of the people that made me feel KZ2 was over-rated. Please don't do the same to KZ3.

N4BmpS3028d ago

Gamerbee, that made no sense at all and kurt Never let idiotic statement affect your opinion on a game.

Kurt Russell3028d ago

It's just off putting when you think of a games playerbase... i.e Gamerbee :(

God_Of_Epicness3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Anyone here love Activision as a company? Hit the disagree button on my bottom right corner. If you hate Activision and despise MW2, please click the bubbles up button placed at my top right corner and please press the agree button while you're at it.

solidt123028d ago

only retard would think that Call of Duty game would not come out on the PS3. The current game has sold over 8 million copies on the PS3. Give Activision more credit than that.

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Baka-akaB3029d ago

i wouldnt mind them ditching the ps3 version altogether , there are far better and interesting games in sight ...

But oh well some people do love it so ... i'll just settle with avoiding it on my own

Liquid_Ocelot3029d ago

I'm sure Sony wouldn't care if the game wasn't coming to the PS3 if [the game] weren't so [commercially] big.

Bubbles up Hell's.. Damn they fucked you up thun'.

3029d ago
badz1493029d ago

not going to buy either! ever again from Activision

sikbeta3029d ago

Nah, this game doesn't need to be ditched, the more sequels, the more boring and "eroded" become the franchise, the more people turn their back on Activision...

TruthBTold3029d ago

I am more interested in Medal of Honor. Last COD I bought was the fir MW and it got old REAL quick. Activision just has that attitude I really dislike. They think everyone will buy their games no matter if it isnt as good as many think. Some can like it and thats fine, Im jsut not one of them.

tawak3028d ago

why dont they make it exclusive to 360 then? simple,
because they cant!they need the ps3!!!

dredgewalker3024d ago

Count me in, and I still haven't bought MW2 for my PS3. Has anyone else here played Transformers: War for Cybertron multiplayer? Cause its been months of me experiencing lots of glitches and bugs and they still haven't patched it! All they did was add new DLC's again and they are planning another batch of DLC's instead of fixing the bugs. Transformers is the last Activision game I will ever buy cause they don't really care about us as long as they get our money.

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ABizzel13029d ago

The only thing Activision has going for them is Call of Duty, and the same game every year is going to get stale just like Guitar Hero.

Takoulya3029d ago

They do still have Bungie's new game in production.

-SIXAXIS-3029d ago

It's not that MS paid Activision to advertise for them, it's that Sony paid Activision so that they won't be associated with the mess that will be Black Ops.

ravinash3029d ago

Last I heard, it was coming out on PS3 anyway.
I wasn't planning on buying it, but I'm not exactly worried either.

If Activision want to waste sales by not indicating that you can get it on PS3, then thats their problem. Its not like its a system seller.

8-bit3029d ago

It is one of like 3 shooters for the 360 that sell tho. PS3 has plenty of other games but the 360 shooter crowd only knows of Halo, Gears and COD

JBroken3029d ago

It is ps3's highest selling game

8-bit3029d ago


I never said it wasn't I just said there are other AAA shooters on the PS3. Killzone, Resistance, MGS4, Uncharted, COD, MAG to name a few

Scary693029d ago

This just means that 360 fans will be paying $60 a year even though many were b*tching about it. LMAO

Trebius3029d ago

Every year Xbox360 owners have to wait for 1 or maybe 2 games that they look forward to.

This game is MEANT for the 360 crowd, cause they're the ones that are most desperate for games and are guaranteed to purchase this.

On the PS3 there are so many excellent games being released constantly that CoD is not as praised or anticipated.

Nolando3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

when PS fanboys believe resistance and MAG are AAA... when did they become AAA? MGS4 wasnt considered a shooter i thought?

so as far as AAA shooters PS3 has KZ, UC2, and COD... WOW PS3 def has way more AAA shooters...

what other magical AAA shooters does the PS3 have, i am going by metacritic... oh dont tell me HAZE is all the sudden a AAA...

atticus143029d ago

I wish labels like AAA didnt exist so tools like you couldn't use them. Anyone who goes by metacritic as gospel or to fight their fanboy wars should be embarrassed.

badz1493029d ago

it's the same thing just like some x360 fanboys saying Fable, crackdown, AW, SC:C etc are all AAA! please don't act like it's just a PS thing when on the 360 side it's the same! it's the matter of opinion though. but I think I made my point

jony_dols3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

August was a tough month 4 him. He lost mass effect 2 and now he just found out microsoft are gonna dip their greedy lil green fingers into his wallet once again for a bit extra every month. Oh btw im eagerly anticipating the left 4 dead ps3 versions announcement from valve. I have both of them on my jtag sh1tbox, but i just wanna see some more butthurt 360 fans regreting not buying a ps3, because now their ol box aint worth nothing now

Moonboots3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

^^ Listen to you guys

Anybody stroking the PS3 and bashing the 360 no matter how stupid and assinine like this guy above me the agrees and disagrees are insane. This guy is talking about pirating 360 games and you jokers agree with him? Let him mention Jailbreak and this place has a meltdown.

The 360 has nothing to play? WOW! I've not played a new PS3 game since God of War 3. What new games are you playing? PSN games??

This is a non-issue. The game is still coming out on the PS3 so no loss to anyone. Not like MS is the only company to do this. Look at all the stroking going on with EA and Sony. Neither of these companies are above it.

jony_dols3028d ago

I support devs, last game i bought was RDR preordered for my PS3,
I could have easily downloaded the pirated version for da box, but I respect Rockstar as a dev and Sony as a company.

Why does anyone support Xbox and M$? They have no consideration for the consumer.
They are a disgrace to the gaming industry. Look at the likes of Sony and Nintendo, both of which have been fierce rivals since 1995. However they've turned their rivalry into something that has been positive to the gaming industry as a whole.
Miscrosoft bully boy, briding tactics can only get you so far,and the gamers are starting to realise it. Say what you like about Sony, but at least their ambition isn't to squeeze every last dime out of the consumer.

I have no sympathy for devs who cave in and and support these advertisments which show off an illusion of exclustivity (one of M$'s favourite tactics). Black ops will be a 3 weeks prior to release download 4 me.
The best thing is i'm hitting two greedy birds with the one stone (MS and Activision)

edhe3028d ago

yes Jonny, because you're implacable piracy or a single game will STING THE HELL for a corporation that's going to sell over 10m copies of the game.

Woo! Go you! You Rock!

Jeez, grow up. you're only pirating because you're a cheap knock-off Nigel.

Also, with all your moaning about MS being such bullies and how Nintendo and Sony are the only ones innovating - how is that going with Sony & Nintendo?

Ninty sold out to the casuals, Sony have copied them with the wiimote. Sony have copied nintendo with that, ms with achievements, ms with the psn, ms with the psn store, ms with the minis, ms with the psn titles and second life with Home.

Crying about the innovation of the japanese console makers and the bully tactics of MS is pretty passé - MS are pushing the market that would otherwise be slovenly if left to the japanese companies.

Seriously - what would Sony have done with the ps3 if the 360 wasn't there? Do you honestly think half of the features would be implemented?

Moan about MS all you like but they're the ones that have pushed this gen forward for years and years. Sony brought in Bluray, to little avail and Nintendo brought waggle, to massive success with many, but almost no avail to the core.

Moan all you like.

Nolando3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

wow lol, i never listed any games that werent AAA, 8-bit was coming up with games that never were considered AAA. which the 360 games he did list are critically considered AAA.

i never called fable, crackdown, or SC:C AAA. idk where your pulling that info from but if it makes it easier to disagree with me i hope your happy.

I was just pointing out that you cant just list games and say PS3 has these AAA GAMES!!! you can say they have those exclusives and thats fine, the quality is a different story. the only reason i would bring fable, or crackdown or those games up is if you said 360 has no exclusives. i would not say they are AAA i am not blinded by magical fanboy goggles.

as far as ME2 i am shocked at how M$ seem to not be able to hold on to their biggest assets. they really need a change of strategy. but in the end if you look at my post history its not a big deal for me. i played the game and its amazing and its cool that more people can enjoy it.

Nolando3028d ago

another thing, i dont care what 360 fans do, i am my own person i never said 360 fans were innocent. but i have never went around calling fable, crackdown, or AW AAA. so my point is still valid.

i may of wanted AW to be AAA which i believe it should because i played it and it was amazing but im not gonna ignore its average rating on metacritic. but unlike fanboys i still bought it and played it because i dont let reviews control my purchase, and it was worth it.

just like PS3 people bought MAG or resistance, they arent AAA on metacritic but heck they were fun (i enjoyed resistance).

Nolando3028d ago

OOOOOH. im a tool? lol who brought up the term AAA in this conversation? it was 8-bit, and if you are going to use the term AAA what standard r you going by?

i could go by gamerankings too, but i dont care. the fact is if people are going to say THESE GAMES ARE AAA! are we just suppose to say ok? oh thats right those are PS3 games so we cant dispute it...

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Christopher3029d ago

Shrug it off all you want, but this is something I'd expect a lot more of and will keep Microsoft ahead of the PS3 when it comes to software sales.

I'm expecting they'll make the same agreement with Konami for the upcoming Castlevania game.

nycredude3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )


Maybe you should do some research first before posting about software sales, as clearly you haven't.

PS3 sold more software last year than 360, and also with a smaller installed base. If anything this will help the 360 compete. God knows MS needs all the help they can get. This is just smoke and mirrors, a tactic historically associated with MS.


I agree MS and Activision have everything in common so it's no surprise they are in bed together. They both are looking just to fuck the consumers, over charging for dlc and peripherals. Same games over and over.

Sony and EA on the other hand makes sense for them to be together. Say what you will about them but IMO they seem to care more about new ips and bringing games to consumers than just rip people off.

EA is raping Activision in the ass this gen when it comes to games, just as Sony is raping MS.

xX-PEIN-Xx3029d ago

The thing is it won't make a bit of difference. The PS3's strengths is in it's exclusives. Sony doesn't need to be concerned with multiplats selling marginally better on the 360 when it's exclusives are both diverse and rich in quality.

avengers19783029d ago

Except for games like Dead Space 2 giving PS3 version free copy of that Wii game they made redesigned for Move. And Medal of Honor giving PS3 free version of frontlines.
And Valve giving PS3 steamnetwork support for Portal 2, and stating that PS3 is the console you should play portal 2 on.
More Devs are leaning toward sony, do your homework son.

nycredude3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

If Activision wasn't such a money hungry ho, they would be MS exclusives but even retards like them have some semblance of common sense.


Yeah it won't make a difference. I can't even be bothered with another COD game. Have my hands full just with exclusives and all the games I haven't finished yet. I've bought my last cod with MW2. I also avoid anything Activision like the the plague.

hilliat27833029d ago

Don't play the troll act as if one title equals instant win because the gap between the consoles install bases is around 3 million. As more exclusive titles hit the PS3 it will continue to close in on the 360's lead.

Christopher3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

***PS3 sold more software last year than 360, and also with a smaller installed base.***

No, they didn't.

360: 113,288,130
PS3: 91,753,636

360: 113,191,129
PS3: 81,174,553

360: 61,038,121
PS3: 27,801,833

Now, so far this year, PS3 has sold more than 360... but then again, most of the biggest PS3 releases were in the start of the year while all of the 360's biggest releases are at the end of the year.

This isn't about who's got more/best exclusives, it's just about who has sold the most and how they can maintain that. Microsoft's deals to brand games with just their logo is a way to try and keep this. Sure, better exclusives, better gaming features, and other things would be a lot better way to do it.

LogicalFanboy3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

why not go and check da Top10 Software Publishers every month. Sony Computer Entertainment is there EVERY month. Microsoft Game Studios :/ maybe wenever Halo releases they will be there. Clearly Sony makes more money off 1st party studios than wat Microsoft makes off 3rd party Publishers. Microsoft signin agreements wit Activision & Konami wont do them any good. it will only put those Publishers on da top not Microsoft.

"This isn't about who's got more/best exclusives, it's just about who has sold the most and how they can maintain that." 1st party exclusives get u da most money.

Christopher3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

***1st party exclusives get u da most money. ***

Tell that to your third-party publishers. Most of Microsoft's sales are to third-parties, which is what they like. Sony has very very strong first-party titles and sales overall, but it's hard to win at both. If Sony eclipses Microsoft in hardware sales and Move takes off, they might be able to do it. Otherwise, I'm unsure if they'll be able to wrest away from Microsoft the title of biggest third-party sales source.

Also, I'll help you out a bit more as well in support of your argument: It has been proven that third-parties also pay less in licensing fees on the PS3 compared to 360. Sony did this in order to promote BD, which worked out for them as well.

Also, got a PM about how Sony's last FY has sold more than Microsoft's. Please note that their fiscal years don't cover the same period. So, it's not fair to compare them since it would be comparing the later sales of the PS3 during their strong exclusive releases to the earlier and less software sales period of the 360.

The numbers I posted above are the best one can find and are as equal as you can get in comparing total sales.

(+ bub for good debate LogicalFanboy).

Christopher3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

@nycredude: I'll mention it once again.

Those figures do not include the last quarter of Microsoft's FY since it ends in June 2010, whereas Sony and Nintendo end theirs in March 2010. So, yeah, comparing those numbers with one less quarter for Microsoft isn't the best thing to do.


Sony FY10 = 4/2009 - 3/2010
Microsoft FY10 = 7/2009 - 6/2010

Those figures leave off one quarter of Microsoft's official fiscal year. Not a good comparison, and PlayStation Universe knew that going into that. It's impossible for them to have the last quarter results for the 360 before it even ended.

Using annual numbers is always the best way to represent the numbers because it's the same time period. Otherwise, you're just fudging it to make your case.

coldfoot3029d ago

Where did you get the sofware sales cumulative totals from? I'm not disputing you, I'd just like to see your source...

badz1493029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

"Now, so far this year, PS3 has sold more than 360... but then again, most of the biggest PS3 releases were in the start of the year while all of the 360's biggest releases are at the end of the year."

look like even 360 fans already forgotten they got AW and SC:C and ME2 earlier this year LOL! remembering how they hyped these game to the realm of space last year, it's too funny!

Christopher3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

***Where did you get the sofware sales cumulative totals from? I'm not disputing you, I'd just like to see your source...***

Adjusted VGChartz numbers. I know, not the best, but what else is there since Microsoft stopped reporting on total game sales by quarter? The same numbers, by the way, that have 2010 as follows:

PS3: 59,745,574
Xbox 360: 55,808,232

***look like even 360 fans already forgotten they got AW and SC:C and ME2 earlier this year LOL! remembering how they hyped these game to the realm of space last year, it's too funny!***

1. Far from a 360 fan.

2. Microsoft's biggest releases are Halo: Reach and CoD. With only a ~4m lead by the PS3 this year, there's a chance both of those titles will push Microsoft over the edge to win out this year. Not a big one, but still a chance considering how huge the pre-orders for both already are. I don't think Fable 3 will do too much in the long run, not after how Fable 2 turned out.

3. Unfortunately, the 360 is seeing some huge loss of gain in general. That's likely why they're focusing on methods like this, putting their logo on the marketing material. Like I told others, I think Microsoft is going to have a big issue if they keep throwing all their eggs into the Kinect basket.

4. ME2 deserves better sales overall. Great franchise from BioWare, IMHO. Can't wait to get it for my PS3, even though I already own it for both the PC and the 360 (same with ME1).

coldfoot3029d ago

cgoodno you fail for providing vgchartz numbers, especially when Sony's own financial results show it moving 115M units of software in FY10

PopEmUp3029d ago

doesn't people take bubbles from cgoodno this guy is pure fanboy he seem to have the most bubbles on here beside alpha of course

Christopher3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

***cgoodno you fail for providing vgchartz numbers, especially when Sony's own financial results show it moving 115M units of software in FY10 ***

What I displayed above was sales from 2010 so far, not the fiscal year 2010 results for the PS3. Two completely different things. Please, look it up.

FY2010 for PS3 is April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010.

Unfortunately, we only have the totals for the first 3 quarters of Microsoft's FY2010, which is from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. This total was a little more than 100 million. IMHO, it is unlikely that they did not move another 15+ million units during that time to push them at least slightly beyond the PS3 sales during its own fiscal period.

As far as 2010 sales alone, the PS3 has been selling much better than the 360. There are some good titles coming, but I think in the short run, meaning until the end of they ear, Halo: Reach and CoD Black Ops will be the biggest movers and may equal out the score. I definitely could be wrong, but shooters tend to sell a lot more in the short run while Sony's titles tend to sell much better over the long run.

***doesn't people take bubbles from cgoodno this guy is pure fanboy he seem to have the most bubbles on here beside alpha of course***

Question, what am I a fanboy of? I'm a level 10 trophy holder on my PS3 with barely any achievements on my 360 (check my profile for both accounts). I'm a huge supporter of Move and do not support Kinect. In general, I support good games where they can be found. Am I a PS3 fanboy? Xbox 360 fanboy? Nintendo fanboy? Just a general fanboy?

The thing is, I discuss actual business here. It means when I walk into a conversation about total sales, I don't just look for what I want to see, I actually look at what's actually there. So, it would be extremely easy for me to let my obvious preference of the PS3 and most things Sony get the better of me and just agree with you guys, but the honest truth is that's not who I am. So, when you ask me a question, I'm going to answer based on the information I have provided and not what I feel in my heart.

And, I must say, that if you think I'm a fanboy... then I think N4G might just be all fanboys. Please take a look at my posting history. You will find that I post a lot of stuff you will agree with and a lot of stuff you don't. I don't sit on one side of the fence and let my need for 'agrees' and 'bubbles' sway me from what I know. I try to post based on what is known.

I hope that, much like Alpha, I have earned my bubbles. And while many people disagree with me, I hope they find that I'm not just here to be a troll. I'm here to discuss the topics at hand.

Thanks for the discussion today to the others above.

TheXgamerLive3029d ago

your mistaking that ps3 did sell more for one distributor only.

Moonboots3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

"Sony and EA on the other hand makes sense for them to be together. Say what you will about them but IMO they seem to care more about new ips and bringing games to consumers than just rip people off."

Wow, what hypocrisy you codemn MS and say it makes sense with Sony.. Jesus, this place doesn't even try and hide it's slanted bias.

cgoodno is owning all you fibbers and of course they are going to attack you and threaten to take bubbles you aren't favoring Sony. I am a level 8 PSN user and have bought every single PS3 exclusive this year and support Sony like a mofo but I'm not wrapped up in this console war and chugging the kool-aid of any camp. I look at reality, facts and measures that exist today. No future telling, no "stretching" of the truth to make a valid argument.

Still laughing at the agree/disagree system here.

No Way3028d ago

Each one of those games are good. I enjoyed em all.
But, if you think they are in the same league as Fable and Halo..
You are sadly mistaken. I personally think they are great games.
Especially ME2, but in terms of sales.. Halo is where it's at.

Hell, nothing compares to Halo in sales..

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Megaton3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

It's not surprising. They had some MW2 press party in the US last year with "Xbox 360" projected all over the walls inside and out. They released ads saying the Xbox 360 is the only place you should ever play MW2, with Best Buy shilling for XBL.

Aaron Greenberg and Bobby Kotick... totally banging. Bet they both give it to Mattrick.