Will Katey Greene Ruin Dead Rising 2?

Capcom have been responsible for some great games in the past: Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Killer7 and Lost Planet for example. Why is it then that they insist on ruining some part of a game experience by inserting an annoying and often needy, plot-driving little girl character?

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xTHRASHx3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I second that motion.

May I add FMJ was epic, love the avatar

Elimin82999d ago

What I don't get is when they do get away from you or when you get to them they are always unharmed... Not a scratch. you go through the whole game searching makes you wonder what route they took how is it you had to face thousands of enemies only to reach them safe and sound..

OhReginald3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

and ugly ones.. Just look that her. WTF.

Cryptech3000d ago

Ya she looks like a playable class in WoW.

MisterNiwa3000d ago

I don't hate kids for real. But I hate them in games.

And especially when a Zombie Rampage is going on and I have to piggy back her arround.

DufferO83000d ago

i think the piggy backs will be fun. if you get bored just leave her there and watch her cry while being malled by zombies

Natsu X FairyTail3000d ago

personally I dint have a problem protecting ashley around in RE4. It made the game tougher and the story better. I liked playing as her in the last part of the game. very interesting game and change of pace.

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Cryptech3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I was hoping she would die in the first cut scene, turn into a zombie and i got to kill her as a tutorial. now that wouldve been original, but noooo i gotta go on tasks for her, wah wah wah.

SolidMGSnake3000d ago

I know rite? Now that I found out you have to keep giving this little shit her shot every w/e hrs. Its gunna ruin the fun!

byeGollum3000d ago

between her and chucky, I wounldnt care for Deadrising 2's story
I think those two together can help make dearising's story something.
what Im not a fan of, is the time limit you have for an objective.

WetN00dle693000d ago

Yep, a father going through hell to protect his daughter will be a great plot line BUT we cant be too sure IF she made it or not.
I too hate the time limit ever since the first one!

WetN00dle693000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

We have yet to see what happens to the little girl! There is no need to jump to conclusions! AS far as i know there hasnt been a single picture thus released with her in it. For all you know she could have turned to a Zombie sometime between Case Zero and DR2. OR maybe the Military took her.

Rubberlegs3000d ago

His daughter is still alive. Chuck goes to Fortune City to appear on game show (Terror Is Reality) and to find more Zombrex, that will be a part of the game having to buy Zombrex for his daughter. There is a time gap between Case Zero and Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2 takes place 3yrs later.

xVeZx3000d ago

"but daddy i dont even like zombrex" i wanted to smash her face in so bad after that

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The story is too old to be commented.