X07 still taking place in the Great White North?

Over on the Xbox Canada forums, there is a thread confirming that there will be an X07 Canada taking place this year, as opposed to its European brethren.

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thatguy_04054d ago

I can confirm x07 canada will be taking place this year. Look for it on Aug. 28.

beans4054d ago

Well this is good news and a bit of a surprise! I thought that they canned the show this year but I guess I was wrong! Hopefuuly they will focus on 2008 and show us some really cool stuff we haven't seen!

snoop_dizzle4054d ago

hopefully thats why they didn't show much stuff for next year at E3.

Odion4054d ago

OMG if this is true i will crap myself LOVE FOR CANADA WOOT WOOT

Omega Kaze4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Is that actually a saying for Canada?
Well hopefully we will get lots of footage still of upcoming games even thou its invite only.

ps. Canada rules!

toughNAME4054d ago

is it vancouver?
aw fuk them
bring it to T.O!

Hugh Hefner4054d ago

that this will happen. Aug 28th is right around the corner, and an event like this would have garnered a lot of media attention by now.

thatguy_04054d ago

The event is invite only, and it seems as if they're only inviting Canadian media. I received my invite about a week ago:

Microsoft Canada is pleased to invite you to attend the exclusive video game event of the year. X’07 presents the most diverse line-up of Xbox 360 and PC titles to date, from the hardcore gamer to the retro arcade fan, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! X’07 will feature the Microsoft Games Studios and top-third party publishers including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision among others and representatives will be available for questions and exclusive demos and gameplay.

Join Xbox Canada on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 for this invitation-only media event and be among the first to play the most highly anticipated titles slated for release this holiday season.

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The story is too old to be commented.