Haze: Rebel action revealed

Haze's world is a nightmarish future where war is run by bean-counting businessmen and fought by salary-banking corporate mercenaries. As Shane, you're initially pressed into battle as a soldier for Mantel Corp., tasked with flushing out ominously titled rebel leader Skin Coat. Which, with the company's combat-enhancing drug Nectar coursing through your veins, is a straightforward but satisfying task.

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Anything but Cute4022d ago

I get the feeling Haze is just pissing off Halo fanboys.

Douche4022d ago

Today's one should be interesting though. They are having a Haze/ Killzone 2 comparison. That should be wierd, but interesting.

weekapaugh4022d ago

some of those screen shots look pretty effin good.

Anything but Cute4022d ago

It looks good, and the story and premise sound interesting. The only problem I have with Haze is that I haven't heard gaming media responded to it with an OMG!! You would think they're had some hands on time with the game by now.

It could be a little like Bioshock, it's a little under the radar but now that's close to coming out, it's getting it's due and awesome reviews.

s8anicslayer4022d ago

yup that game will build hype in the coming month or so.

snittolo4022d ago

Starting to get more and more interested in Haze and how they do the step by steps in the screen shots are hilarious hahaha.

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The story is too old to be commented.