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Submitted by Isbilmannen 1914d ago | news

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Killstreaks, Perks and more!

"Create a Class" is an incredibly popular part of the Call of Duty games. Many have wondered what Killstreaks will remain, what new Perks we'll see and what type of equipment we can tamper with when Black Ops comes out 11 November. Here you get the answers. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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ChrisSmoove15  +   1914d ago
They should have kept the predator missile
renegade  +   1914d ago
well at that time the predator drone didnt even exist.
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rockleex  +   1914d ago
I want Katanas.
World at War was should have had Katanas that you can use!!!
Lifendz  +   1914d ago
deadreckoning666  +   1914d ago
Looks like Treyarch is trying to keep Black Ops balanced..unlike MW2.

"Why is the grenade launcher is back......"

Because grenade launchers existed back then.
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claterz  +   1914d ago
Black ops will be anything but balanced, Why would Treyarch change the style of their game when they know that Mw2 is the best selling game in history?, they want money and they don't give a shit if you like the game or not. It's pretty clear they're making a game that anyone can just pick up and play without having any experience in shooting games.
Crazy that people still fall for hype even after games like Mw2, anyone who buys this game is just contributing to activision taking over gaming with their ridiculous scams like charging $15 for a few maps that the majority of people had paid for in the previous game.
It will be hilarious to come on here in a few months to see people complaining about how bad this game is haha, then Mw3 is announced and its back to "omg it's gonna be awesomeee!" lol
Gawdl3y  +   1914d ago
Correction: GT4 is the best selling game in history, I believe. MW2 is just the fastest selling. And Treyarch listens to and cares about the community, unlike IW. SeaNanners even said that, for example, people don't drop instantly like in MW2. That means it will take more skill than MW2, for sure.
claterz  +   1914d ago
"And Treyarch listens to and cares about the community"
by community do you mean the 12 year old kids who are the ones playing this game? Treyarch are the professionals, I don't tihnk they need any help.
COD 4 and WAW - both created by the developers with minimal input from the community
Mw2 - IW tried to please the community by adding more, and it ended up being a broken game.

Mw2 sold so much because it was easy to play and didn't require any skill, even if you consider yourself an amazing Mw2 player you can still end up getting dominated by new players just from perks/killstreaks and basically the unrealistic gameplay.
I honestly don't think Treyarch realize what an opportunity they have, Mw2 boosted the popularity of the CoD franchise and now Treyarch have a chance to make an amazing game to increase the fanbase even more, but it seems they have exactly the same attitude as IW, throw as many features into the game as possible so that there's something for everyone. Maybe they don't remember the reason CoD4 was such a great game was because it was stripped down to how IW wanted it, they didnt listen to the community and add every single suggestion no matter how ridiculous it was.
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Takoulya  +   1913d ago
I'm worried about the Motion Sensor. My guess is that it shows anyone near you who is sprinting on the radar and can only be countered by either a perk, the sensor jammer or both.
BlackSharinganX  +   1913d ago
well in my opinion treyarch make good call of duty games, and from what i see of the perks and killstreak usage is pretty much balanced as there is no stopping power juggernaut or danger close, but there is a perk for holding on to explosions, then i think you can call that balanced. They dont need to change the style of the gameplay its effective it was revolutionary back in Cod4. But hey we will see its pretty much very different gameplay really on how killstreaks and weapon damage will all be the same, probably there may be more gunning and running since killstreak kills dont count for your other killstreaks. Just saying i know what you mean about MW2 it sucked balls btu this one i can see future on this one but thats just me.
Dee_91  +   1913d ago
@Takoulya thats basically the heart beat sensor
i cant wait !!
online is gonna be crazy
only playing with people in my friend lists because i dont wanna hear little kids screaming and breaking stuff lol
this gt5 and lbp2 gonna be in the house for months
Dave1351  +   1914d ago
The preditor missle was one of the most bs things on the game

1. it was way to easy to get
2. too powerful
3. didnt make a perk to protect against it or anything
MegaMohsi  +   1914d ago
What are you talking about?
It took 5 kills to get, too powerful? just get indoors somewhere. Also ever heard of something called cold blooded? You can't be seen by enemy UAV, thermal scopes or ANY Air Support including Predator Missiles.
WhittO  +   1914d ago
I'd say it was ok, when you see it you just run for shelter, helps keep you on the lookout instead of on autopilot lol.

Also there is things to protect against it, there is a number of perks to not show up on sensors etc.
Yo Mama  +   1914d ago
Ummm, yes they did make a perk to protect against the Predator Missile. Cold-Blooded. If you had that equipped, chances of being seen and hit go way down.
Dee_91  +   1913d ago
i hated the helocopter and airplanes
on the smaller maps
they stayed out way too long
but its fun shooting them down too
princejb134  +   1914d ago
the game sounds better already
i like
no nukes=less campers
and kill streaks only reach to 11 kills which is pretty good
You Noob  +   1914d ago
Nooooooooooooo the bastard dogs are back! DAMNNNNN
renegade  +   1914d ago
i hate does dogs to but loved to get it. :D
8-bit  +   1914d ago
lol yeah I liked the dogs when I got them too ;)
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1914d ago
Oh my god it's teh germans! Run!
kulex47  +   1914d ago
weak, killstreak kills dont count at all towards killstreaks...
DarkTower805  +   1914d ago
Mad cause you actually have to earn your killstreak rewards this time?
AssassinHD  +   1914d ago
"Weak" is getting 7 kills (or 6 if you are hardlining), hiding in a corner, letting the harrier do all the work for you, killing more people with chopper gunner while still hiding in the corner, and then hitting your "I win" button.

Having to actually earn your kill streaks is not "weak".
BlackSharinganX  +   1913d ago
sorry friend is not noob friendly lol
criticalkare  +   1914d ago
Why is the grenade launcher is back......
DirtyLary  +   1914d ago
back the grenade launcher is yes.
AllroundGamer  +   1914d ago
lol funny bubble+ :) the force strong with grenade launcher is.
saoco  +   1914d ago
like ur comment. more noob tubing more camping. nothing's gonna change.
AllroundGamer  +   1914d ago
you know the RC cars will be great to fight the camping in COD :)
BlackSharinganX  +   1913d ago
no explosion boost, but there a perk to reduce explosion so yeah seriously doubt it
Stempel  +   1914d ago
Attack Dogs will be so annoying D:
Nicky7  +   1914d ago
People moaning about the predator missile. You do know cold blooded combats it don't you?.
claterz  +   1914d ago
Unless some twat without cold blooded is running away in the same direction as you lol. One of the many things that really annoy me in Mw2.
jdktech2010  +   1914d ago
well I always turn around as soon as I hear that sound....die maybe once every other match...sometimes every two matches....not as crappy as it used to be without CB

some common sense is needed like don't bunch up
claterz  +   1914d ago
Guess so, although i'm not the average cod player, i like to play as a team just like in any other MP game, so i'm usually around a bunch of other players lol, I don't just run off and play for kills XD
blur99  +   1914d ago
too many killstreaks again?
ambientFLIER  +   1914d ago
DaBadGuy  +   1914d ago
So this means that if you get 3 kills and use the spy plane, you cannot just get another kill and unlock the counter spy plane, you would have to get another 4 kills? If so that's great because it's a pain getting bogged down with harriers and gunships while the enemy sits in the corner and bats their nuts around. IDK if that's what it means or not the english translation is all f'd up, like for hardened "ball goes through the thicker and more items,".......what? I'm glad to see the tactical nuke is gone but it's odd that the highest killstreak is only 11, but now that you actually have to earn it I can tell a lot of the "pros" are gonna have a hard time noob tubing their way to the top this go around. Oh wait, the grenade launcher is still there....FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU....s eriously just take it out, I would not care if it's gone I don't use it, the only people that would care are the noob tubers and fuck them anyway it'll teach em to man up and learn how to play the game for real.
jdktech2010  +   1914d ago
nah it means that if you get a harrier, it's kills don't count towards your current killstreak....

so if you get 7 to get a harrier, and that harrier gets 3 kills while you haven't killed anyone, your ks count is still at 7
Gam3s4lif3  +   1914d ago
U don't even need any skill to play any CoD game for multiplayer, u can just spray and u can get a 11 kill streak or higher, plus CoD games are for campers which hide in a corner or stay at one spot. For campaign its more worth than playing multiplayer even tho i have finished all CoD games on veteran, CoD overall is just easy to play.
skip2mylou  +   1914d ago
put a time limit on grenade launchers its so gay that at the beginning of a match in search in destroy a lucky ass GL gets you and your out for the round
jdktech2010  +   1914d ago
Does anyone play games for fun anymore? This whole Halo/COD takes more skill than the other or whatever is ridiculous....While one might take more "skill", it's a game meant to be fun and by all the arguing I think people need to get their priorities straight
spektical  +   1914d ago
honestly the chopper gunner should be harder to control if your gonna have it again, and also make it do less damage.

before BO, i told myself never again will i purchase a COD game. But TreyArch are giving me a solid case to reconsider my decision. I think im gonna wait a month or 2 after release to see what the community says about the game; if its anything like MW2, i am not tagging along.
skip2mylou  +   1913d ago
dude they already fly around like crazy, theyre easy to kill, and they shoot ballistic rounds so be glad that buildings cant be destroyed
adlt  +   1914d ago
Tact Insertion? :O Awwwww damn
MrBubble  +   1913d ago
How but no killstreaks at all
thats my 3d reason for leaving because hurr durr if 2 enemy team members get 13 kills HERP DERP the attack chooper or 2 planes are there and since no one works as a team the just rape everything it was better with COD 4s killstreck easy and simple
3 kills UAV
5 kills air strike
7 kills attack chopper which is not overpowered

Same with WAW's Killstreaks

3 kills recon plane
5 kills air strike
7 kills dogs ( and yes they could get annoying but it was still better then mw2)
scitechie   1913d ago | Spam
LowDef  +   1913d ago
I like the Blackbird already.
RowSand  +   1913d ago
no stopping power?? thats good thing
kaaaare  +   1913d ago
Wonderful article!

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