Pre-Purchase BioShock on Steam Now

Surprise surprise! Bioshock is going to be made available on Steam! Steam users can pre-purchase the title right now and be playing on August 21st, when BioShock is released.

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solidt123987d ago

Will steam kill the Console. I don't think so. I like having a copy of my games but this is big news.

Vip3r3987d ago

I think I might get this as retail. Just that if and when I update my PC I won't have to download it again. I like having hardcopies of games, music and films etc.

neil19883987d ago

i reserved bioshock at game stop for xbox360 a few days ago there is only one pc game i like and it just had to be my fav video game of all of them starcraft

snoop_dizzle3987d ago

i went to toys r us today and the guy barely even knew about the game when i got there. And he asked me if it was released today or tomorrow and i played stupid by saying i don't know, and unfortunately they didn't have it in stock.

But they said they might have it later today. Or maybe some other game.

boi3987d ago

I got steam but too bad my PC sux lol

now waiting to get my Elite patiently...

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