PSi: Piyatoma Review

PSi writes: "The world of Piyotama is instantly and completely endearing. Sometimes it's all about cuteness overload, as my master cuteness reference site proclaims, and Piyotama does a great job of setting the cutest stage possible. I mean, baby chickens are already adorable, but throw in brightly colored eggs, and we're talking major US holiday here! The default setting for play is sunny, green, and generally pastoral, but you can reskin Piyotama to showcase more beachy, pastel colors. The orientation of the game-screen would have made this a candidate for sideways play on the PSP, as much as we hate to admit that. Rarely used, we know, but there's a definite case to be made here because of the vertical, drop-down-piece puzzle elements of Piyotama."

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