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NowGamer previews Arcania Gothic 4 on PC - "If you’re looking for evidence of exactly how profoundly Mass Effect has changed the role-playing market, you need only cast a glance over this achingly old-school alternative. From skill tracks that award more impressive special attacks as they’re built upon to a borderline obsessive concentration on dramatic camera angles and intricate facial detail, the hallmarks of BioWare’s work can be seen even in the realm of orcs, potions and dense forestation."

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Julie2999d ago

This is one of the games i want to play this year :)

Darkfiber2998d ago

Me too, one of the few.

2late2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

"I’m Dave, writer on X360 since mid 2006 and follower of all things Microsoft related."

that explains why he has hallucinations about mass effect's influence in a game that clearly has none. But I guess when you've only played RPGs on the 360 every game seems like it was inspired by fable, oblivion or mass effect

It's not like the gothic franchise has been around for almost a decade.

jopeussr2999d ago

Let's hope they make it as good as Gothic 2, now that was a good game!

2999d ago
Darkfiber2998d ago

This guy sounds kind of dumb. "Mass Effect has a huge influence on all RPGs now, even ones in the realm of orcs! They have skills that get more powerful as you put points into them, and cool camera angles! Those are the only similarities though."

Uhhh? Not only am I absolutely positive that those things existed before Mass Effect, but I'm even more certain that they didn't copy them from Mass Effect. And how is that profoundly impacting this game? Ooo camera angles and skills that get more powerful, never heard of that ever happening in my life!

Okay, you say "surprisingly enough...blah blah blah plot...a more classic tale there isn't". Uh, so which is it? A very classic tale, or a very surprising tale? It can't really be both.

"...which players will utilise to hunt wildlife over local terrain in a fashion similar to Cabela’s Big Game Hunter. Except without 20-foot trolls, and that."

Cabela's Big Game Hunter has 20-foot trolls? Wha?

"Not exactly likely to challenge Dragon Age or Oblivion for the title of greatest RPG, but could come a relatively close second"

Wouldn't that be third, then? Also, for as much as you seem to love Mass Effect, you seem to not even realize that it's also on PC. I would have thought you'd name that best RPG :P

Also, there was so little actual information in this article it makes me wonder why it was actually written. God, I really hope you don't get paid to write.

sonicsidewinder2998d ago

That was some awesome scrutiny. Ripped it appart like a packet of crisps.

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