Games Need to Stop Being a Pretender Medium

"The game industry needs to stop emulating Hollywood and remember what makes it unique."

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TheSanchezDavid2700d ago

This article instantly made me think of No More Heroes. That was an excellent game that just shouted, "Hey, I'm a game! Don't believe me? Look: coins are flying out of the enemies you just killed!" Little things like that bring me joy. I do believe some games should be realistic, but not everything has to be a simulation. I still remember playing GTA III and thinking, "Wow, the world is pretty life-like, but I really dig the health pick-ups and floating Hidden Packages." Those things just made the game still feel like a video game despite providing a somewhat realistic approach."

athmaus2700d ago

hmm intersting article...

jzungre2700d ago

great article. but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. The reason that realistic games from 5 years ago seem dated now is because we've progressed. Today's games are more realistic. That's not such a bad tradeoff. I'm ok with Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 seeming dated if we have better, more realistic, more captivating games in the future.

TomFG2700d ago

Agreed 100%. Videogames need to find their own identity and stop borrowing from the movies. Half-life 2 is a great example of an epic, cinematic game that is, 100%, a game. There are no cutscenes, you never leave the perspective of Gordon. So many games are just cinematic scenes, followed by a shooting gallery, followed by cinematic scenes, rinse and repeat a dozen times.

There is a place for cinematic influence, of course, Mass Effect 2 as you suggest is a fantastic combination, and offers an experience unique to videogames - the world reacting and changing according to your choices and actions.

Great article!

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