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NowGamer previews WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 on Xbox 360 - "The SmackDown series has always been a favourite among the wrestling hardcore. Jumping from significant changes to mere tweaks, a slight threat has started to rise – like all yearly franchises – that eventually a 12-month break may just not be enough. With the industry constantly moving forward, and updates in technology becoming more apparent at a faster rate, there's an argument that longer development times are needed where triple-A games are concerned; this thought process is intensified when the studio behind a series has multiple projects to work on, such is the case at Yuke's."

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CobraKai3027d ago

Seriously THQ just copy the gameplay and AI of Here Comes the Pain.

HSx93027d ago

looks the same as any other WWE game in the past 3 years, heck, you could put WWE 2009 screenshots and I wouldn't know the difference.

3027d ago