Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Struggles With Demand

The ongoing saga of the Final Fantasy XIV open beta continues with Square Enix revealing beta codes are being limited due to the servers not being able to handle the demand.

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rebirthofcaos3000d ago

... and i hope that it struggles to get people. The fatigue system, the monthly fee then extra characters, the mule to sell, the story of this game is not even finished but they will release it as it is.

ArtsyGamer3000d ago

I still would wait till release to pass judgement on the fatigue system. They are definitely going for something different than other MMOs with this. I wish other MMO developers would try something new.
If the story is as lacking as FFXI though, I won't be subscribing for long.

blackpanther253000d ago

Guild Wars 2 .......they doing something new

guzman3000d ago

FFXI's story lacking? You must have played it for 20 minutes than quit. FFXI has the best story in any Mmorpg to date.

Abriael3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I finally managed to get in, and goodness, what an improvement over closed beta. 40-60 frames per second ay 1080p (who was saying that you need a 3000 dollars PC for it? not even one third of that, silly kotaku...), no lag on the UI, much faster combat...
And my god, the game looks so fantastic that it maes you cry.

Only problem is a bit of screen tearing that can be annoying sometimes as you turn the camera around.

In any case, despite the problems with access, SE is really on the right track with this game.

And about the access problems, how many hotly anticipated AAA MMORPG did you see with a public open beta lately?
It's funny that earlier people whined at the possibility of the open beta not being public, and now they whine at the consequences that it being public brought.
When hundreds of thousands of people hammer your account/login servers at the same time, there's only so much you can do.

And if you still whine at the fatigue system, you just didn't understand how it works. It's just a soft cap that it can easily be avoided.
here how it works:

And what's the problem with monthly fees? That's how AAA MMORPGs roll. You can continue playing free to play if you like, but don't expect nearly the same quality or content.

Edit: oh, and by the way, the soundtrack is the best I ever heard in a MMORPG.

evrfighter3000d ago

I tried before I went to sleep last night. Got right in. I feel for all the closed beta testers that got screwed. I'll make sure and enjoy myself in ur place

guzman3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Abriael: Thanks, you're the man when it comes to these FFXIV updates. Going to get this baby on PS3.

TheHardware3000d ago

I've been trying all would think a company as big as SE would be ready for something like this....

anyone have a code they dont want? ;)

ArtsyGamer3000d ago

Ugh, they had recently published that closed beta keys would be valid for the open beta, but that is not the case. Closed beta people have to go through the same application process as everyone else.
I spent all night clicking refresh again, I am such a whore for betas.

Farsendor13000d ago

hope they fix the server issues before the game comes out i have it pre ordered. this is going to be unlike any mmo i have played before i never played ff11. so im going into this blind

tommyth3cat3000d ago

Hmm pretty sure there is an inaccuracy the article, says the game is due to be released on Sept. 22, but as I recall that is only for the collectors editions to get a head start and the official release date is the 30th for standard edition.

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